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Clear Your Name From False Allegations Online

Don’t Let Lies Define Your Reputation

It can be one of the most disruptive events in anyone’s life to be accused of a crime. And when those allegations are false and spread across the internet, it can be difficult to ever rid yourself of the stigma. Even traditional media tend to report on the original allegation without following up on the fact that the defendant was cleared of all wrongdoing. Or, if they do a follow-up, it’s a small blurb rather than a flashy lead story.

So if you’ve been accused falsely of a crime, whether by the police or by individuals online, you may need to take steps to clear your name once any criminal charges have been dropped.

Remove All Types of False Allegations Online

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How Do You Fight False Allegations Online?

False allegations can have a significant impact on your life. Once any criminal charges have been resolved, there are a few things you can do to respond, including the following:


Step 1

If you know who is spreading false allegations online, save all texts, voicemails, emails, and any other correspondence where the allegations were made.

Step 2

Document all the allegations you can find online by noting site URLs.

Step 3

Consider writing an online rebuttal and whether or not the postings rise to the level of illegal slander or libel. Even if the posts are anonymous, you can file suit against John Doe until the identity can potentially be determined through the IP address.

Step 4

Gather evidence of damages such as lost customers or employment.

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Let Us Remove the False Allegations for You

No money is required upfront. Don’t struggle to track down and request the removal of the false allegations yourself with no guarantee of results. Let us handle the entire process for you.

And you pay only after the false allegations are permanently removed. Our service guarantee ensures that once we remove content online, it is gone for life.

Regain Your Good Name

To complement the removal of false allegations online, harmful images, leaked adult media, leaked content, and harmful reviews, we offer additional services to promote your positive online reputation and improve search results.

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