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Defend Yourself From Online Gossip

Be In Control Of Your Online Reputation

Gossip around the neighborhood or workplace can be irritating but is generally harmless. Unfortunately, when gossip is spread on the internet, it lives on forever.

So when exactly does online gossip cross a line from harmless banter too dangerous or even defamatory language that could harm your life or business? Any gossip that is defamatory, meaning it is a false statement presented as a fact rather than an opinion, causes harm, and is shared with a third party could be potentially damaging.

From standard social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to sites specializing in internet shaming, public gossip forums can lead to real-life damage. So if you want to defend yourself from online gossip, you may need to take steps to remove the content from the internet.

Remove All Types of Online Gossip

We help our clients regain their online reputation by removing online gossip content from numerous sites across the internet, including:

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How Do You Fight Online Gossip?

Though it may seem harmless, gossip can have a negative effect on your life. Whether you’re accused of fraud, cheating, predatory behavior, or even shady business practices, your personal and professional life can take a serious hit from online gossip. There are a few ways to respond, including the following:


Step 1

Take screenshots of all online pages where you find gossip about yourself. Note website URLs and don’t rely on bookmarks.

Step 2

If you know who has been spreading the gossip and have confronted him or her about it, keep a record of all text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Step 3

Keep track of all damages incurred due to online gossip, such as lost customers.

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Get Rid of the Gossip

No money is required upfront. Don’t struggle to track down and request the removal of gossip content yourself with no guarantee of results. Let us handle the entire process for you.

And you pay only after the gossip content is permanently removed. Our service guarantee ensures that once we remove content online, it is gone for life.

Spread Positivity About Yourself

To complement the removal of online gossip content, harmful images, leaked adult media, leaked content, and harmful reviews, we offer additional services to promote your positive online reputation and improve search results.

Learn more about our Online Reputation Management services. We can control your personal search results, remove sensitive information, and enhance your overall online presence.