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Guaranteed Removals has Launched a New User-Friendly Website

Website redesigned with you in mind.

April 23, 2018, Burlington, ON –  Guaranteed Removals is Canada’s largest and most successful online image management company, and they’ve recently redesigned their website with a new look and updated user experience.

“Our website has had a complete makeover with a more intuitive user experience, press page, careers site, service offerings, corporate social responsibility program and more,” said Rachel Swiednicki, Public Relations, Guaranteed Removals. In addition to their redesigned website, they are excited to announce the expansion of their office and talented team. “Guaranteed Removals has experienced exponential growth over the past year to 41 employees. That’s a significant leap from its humble beginnings, which consisted of just two founding owners.” continued Swiednicki.  Along with the growth of their team, they have expanded their office space to accommodate the company’s rapid development.

The launch of the new website aims at raising public awareness to the unique service that Guaranteed Removals provides. The image management company, based in Burlington, Ontario provides internet content removal and is the only company that specializes in this niche field of removal, not link suppression. Swiednicki says, “Many people are not aware that our services exist, they are often surprised to learn that we can delete content from the internet. But that’s exactly what we do at Guaranteed Removals”.  Guaranteed Removals business model sets itself apart from the competition by not charging clients an up-front fee, “that means our clients don’t pay unless we can get them results. We have a 90-day guarantee, which is one of the ways we are unique in this business. So far we’ve removed more than 10,000 links.” said Swiednicki.

This service is typically provided to people who have been victims of online harassment or who have been misrepresented online, allowing them to rebuild and restore their online reputation. The new website will allow people to have a clearer understanding of the company and their services, along with social media links, blogs and much more. For more information please visit

About Guaranteed Removals

Guaranteed Removals is Canada’s largest and most successful online image management company, helping people defend and protect their image online. Guaranteed Removals has been offering online reputation management services out of its Burlington, Ontario, Canada location. Guaranteed Removals has successfully removed negative content for clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand. The company has helped more than 2,500 clients improve their online image. With a team of 41 employees, Guaranteed Removals has assisted businesses and individuals who have been victimized online, to rebuild and restore their online reputation. For more information visit