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Guaranteed Removals Issues Advisory to Frosh Week Students

As thousands of students move into student housing and residence this week, Guaranteed Removals warns students to think twice before partying too hard during Frosh Week and being forced to live with the potential repercussions online.

“We’ve been doing this since 2009 and we’ve had many calls from concerned parents and recent university or college graduates, who are now trying to be working professionals, concerned about photos that are on the internet from college parties,” said Rachel Swiednicki, Public Relations, Guaranteed Removals.

The harsh reality is, in today’s digital age, photos and videos from parties very often end up online, shared through social media. This type of online content can negatively impact your job search as more than 70% of job recruiters use social media to screen candidates i. A further 80% of employers ‘Google’ job seekers before inviting them in for an interview ii. “Students can still have a good time but should be conscious of not going overboard,” said Swiednicki. “Think twice before taking and posting those selfies of you and a friend doing shots or a chugging back a beer,” she continued.

It’s not uncommon for a post shared on a personal social media page to be reposted on another site meaning just deleting it from your own profile often isn’t enough.

The bottom line is: don’t do anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see years down the road online.