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Guaranteed Removals Issues Video About Protecting Your Online Reputation

Guaranteed Removals has released its latest video detailing how the internet can change a person’s life in both a positive and negative way. In this video, the company shares the importance of online reputation management for both individuals and business owners.

“People can write whatever they want online without any proof,” said James John, Founder, Guaranteed Removals. “What people read about someone online can greatly influence their opinion of that person. While we believe in a free and open internet, we also believe people deserve the right to defend themselves and their integrity online against accusations.” continued John.

In the video, the company outlines what sets them apart in the industry and how they help people make positive changes to the way they are portrayed online. “It’s not just about negative content removal, but helping people restore their lives because the internet doesn’t forget,” said John. The corporate video features testimonials from staff about helping clients and the daily working life at Guaranteed Removals.

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