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How Does Reputation Management Work?

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    The practice of reputation management focuses on providing businesses and individuals with protection and control over their online presence. But how does reputation management work? 

    It involves using strategies to deal with reputation-damaging online content, or proactive monitoring services to be prepared and aware of them. Reputation Management companies employ their many solutions and expertise to defend their clients’ digital footprints.

    Content Removal

    The removal of online content, while challenging, is not impossible. Reputation Management companies like Guaranteed Removals have developed effective content removal strategies and industry relationships to advocate for the removal of content adversely affecting their clients.

    Negative content that can be removed includes: 

    • News Articles 
    • Negative or Fake Reviews 
    • Images and Videos 
    • Blog posts or Forums 
    • Government Links 
    • Online Legal Documents

    The process typically involves building a detailed case for removal and engaging with publishers or relevant parties. These efforts are legal and ethical, often utilizing legal resources at no extra cost to the client, to demonstrate the harm caused by the content and argue for its removal.

    Google De-Indexing 

    If publications are unwilling to remove content, the next step is to attempt de-indexation from Google. Content that is de-indexed from Google means the search engine has completely removed said content from it’s database. The content would still exist, but would be eliminated from view on a Google search. 

    Due to the prominence Google has in the search engine and online reputation landscape, Google de-indexation can be just as good as full on removal.

    Google typically only takes action and removes content that presents serious risks or specific harms. However, it’s not impossible to convince Google to remove sensitive information. 

    Common situations where Google will take de-indexing action include intellectual property issues, invasion of privacy, defamation, and non-consensual explicit imagery. However, getting Google to do so is no easy task. Reputation Management companies know exactly who to contact at Google, and how to approach individual situations to ensure the best chance at a successful de-indexing. 

    Unfortunately, Google and some publications do at times refuse to take content down, no matter how hard companies like Guaranteed Removals fight for their clients. In those situations, there are luckily other strategies available that help mitigate the impact of a damaged reputation and help people take back control of their online narrative. 

    Positive Reputation Management

    After reputation damaging content is detected, content removal is just one of the options available to curate a person or brand’s digital footprint. 

    Starting new conversations and developing an updated online narrative is important to overshadow any existing or pre existing brand damaging content. 

    Positive Content Creation 

    Through regular quality content publication and SEO tactics, companies and individuals can control their online presence and bury their negative content from view on search engine results pages. 

    Positive content strategies include: 

    • Consistent Blogging 
    • Social Media Campaigns and Activity 
    • Website Optimization
    • Review Management 
    • Competitor Analysis 

    Reputation management companies like Guaranteed Removals have dedicated SEO content specialists who develop and implement content publishing strategies to overshadow negative content and push it down the search results ranking. 

    By creating new content that disproves or overshadows the existing negative content, it allows those affected to re-write their online narrative and insulate themselves from any future reputation concerns.

    Reputation Monitoring

    When dealing with reputation damaging content, being aware is half the battle. Most businesses and individuals don’t have the time or resources to do daily analysis of their online reputation to pinpoint potential harms. Negative content left unchecked can turn into a full blown crisis if not addressed. Reputation monitoring services, provided by Reputation Management companies, act as a patrol guard that oversee their clients online landscape, on alert for any possible reputation threats.  

    Reputation Monitoring encompasses search results, social media and online reviews to ensure all avenues of potential negative press are accounted for. 

    Using both technical tools and manual monitoring strategies, these services give businesses and individuals instant awareness of threatening online content, allowing the ability to take swift action before the issue escalates. 

    Reputation Matters

    The ease in which defamation and slander can spread on the internet poses a serious threat to the character of brands and individuals, as well as their right to privacy. The practice of reputation management exists to protect those who have negative online content and to combat defamation and false narratives.

    The solutions provided by reputation management companies like Guaranteed Removals allow businesses and individuals to gain back control over their online presence. The internet can be a dangerous place. Luckily, reputation management strategies exist to protect and defend against those dangers and the life altering issues they can pose.