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Fraud Prevention Tips

Don’t be a victim of cyber-bullying. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind if you think that you are a cyber-bullying victim. Nearly one in five Internet users aged 15 to 29 reported having been cyber-bullied or cyber-stalked.1 It’s not just youth, adults can also become targets, 40% of adult Internet users in the United States reported experiencing some form of online harassment2.

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Press Release: Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

If you have ever represented a client who has been arrested or found themselves in civil litigation then you may be familiar with one of the negative side effects of the internet. In 2018, nothing is private.
Anyone who is arrested has a good shot of finding their name and photograph in a local newspaper and published online. Within a few months websites that publish mugshots, offer online background checks, or supply personal information will freely collect the arrest information and disseminate it for all to see. One arrest can often end up leading to a half dozen negative links that rank very highly in Google, repeatedly pointing out to anyone that searches, that this person was arrested for a crime.

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