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Protecting Your Search Results and Online Reputation

Search results play a significant role in our everyday lives, whether we know it or not. Potential customers or clients use a quick web search to find out more about a person or business regarding their reputation and character. The information displayed on a search engine results page can significantly impact a person, business, or brand positively or negatively. 

The nature of the web can create vulnerabilities for people and brands. Search engines can and often will pick up on negative content, which could harm their reputations. Therefore, it’s essential to be proactive about protecting your digital footprint and online reputation. 

Luckily, companies like Guaranteed Removals specialize in protecting and defending individuals’ and companies’ online reputations. Proactive monitoring and strategies such as permanent content removal, reputation monitoring, positive reputation management, content creation, and SEO strategies serve to displace negative content and protect your online reputation and image. 


Be Aware of Your Online Presence

The first step in protecting your online reputation and search engine results is to be aware of your current status and remain engaged in managing your online presence. A few simple but important questions you can ask yourself include:

  • What search results are displayed when I search my name or business?
  • Is there negative content visible in the search results?
  • If there is negative content, how prominent is it? 
  • Could the negative content move up in the rankings, thus becoming more visible?
  • How might other people or potential customers view me or my business if they searched my name? 

If you do a web search of your name, you can also add modifiers like your name plus the city where you live, your name plus your business name, or other characteristics. It’s also a good idea to scan through Google’s image results. Photos attached to you on various social media platforms may show up in a Google search if the user clicks the “images” results page. Many people find surprising results that may cast them in an unfavorable light.

Even if you find the negative content is low on the search results page, that doesn’t mean that it’s permanently affixed to its inconspicuous location. Undesirable content can always climb in search results rankings due to Google’s ongoing changes and updates to their ranking algorithms. Small changes can make content fluctuate regularly in where it ranks. 

In fact, some websites exist simply to capitalize on negative content. These sites find potentially harmful stories or posts online and re-publish them. If additional websites happen to pick up and repost the same content, the story will begin to rank higher and higher on search results. 

Because of the potential for negative content to become more prominent, in-depth search monitoring is the best defense to identify and minimize potential damage to a person or brand’s reputation. Negative content can be buried anywhere, whether it’s on a social media page, blog post, review, or private website. If it’s not found and addressed, it’s only a matter of time before the content may start to climb in the rankings until it’s highly visible.

Guaranteed Removals has over a decade of experience along with the technology necessary to monitor search results and locate potential reputation threats instantly. Time is of the essence when it comes to negative content. If it’s not located and dealt with quickly, negative content is more likely to cause damage to the person or business and their reputation. 

Reputation monitoring is the best way to ensure that all negative content is accounted for and responded to as quickly as possible before a minor issue becomes a severe crisis. Unless you search for yourself and your business multiple times per day, every day, there is potential for harmful content to linger and rise in search results until it’s ranking prominently. 


Permanently Remove Search Results

Once negative content is detected within search results (or anywhere online), there are several ways to deal with it and protect your reputation. The most effective response is to have the content permanently removed. Despite the common belief that nothing can be deleted once it’s on the internet, content removal from the web and search results is possible. 

Successful removals require professionals who know who to contact within the industry and how to make a strong case on behalf of their client. Companies like Guaranteed Removals (global industry leaders in online content removal) assist businesses and individuals in permanently removing negative content and search results from the internet. 

Removing such content is important because a negative search result can have real consequences for people and businesses. Before making business decisions, potential clients, employers, and business contacts often turn to search engines like Google. Online reviews have major impacts on purchasing decisions. In fact, 94 percent of consumers report that a bad review made them avoid a business.   

Negative content can affect personal relationships, including your family. It can change the public’s perception of your business or brand, ultimately negatively impacting your bottom line. Gossip, revenge posts, or even false reviews can quickly become “liked and shared” until they’re top search results. 

The best way to combat negative content and search results is to protect your online reputation by permanently removing harmful content. It’s the only way to ensure that negative content doesn’t make its way to the top of a search results page and potentially cause serious damage to you or your brand’s reputation. 


Build a Positive Online Presence

The dangers of a negative online presence can have real impacts on various parts of your life. However, that doesn’t mean that no news is good news. Having a neutral presence online where there are very few or no search results means that you or your business is vulnerable to harmful content that could end up defining your online reputation. Positive content is essential to taking ownership of your online reputation and protecting it against any potentially harmful content.

A positive online narrative is just as important as having no negative content. Creating and publishing positive content protects your search results from negative content ranking prominently. This prevents harmful content from defining who you are to anyone searching for your name or brand. 

Having no positive content on a search result can be damaging, especially to small businesses. According to Pew Research, 81 percent of Americans rely on their own research (such as a Google search) when making decisions. Further, 93 percent of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Guaranteed Removals offers positive reputation management services that will increase your overall online presence, protect you or your business from negative content, and promote your personal or professional brand using positive content creation and SEO strategies. These techniques will help positive content associated with you and your brand to rank highly on search results. 

Publishing high-quality positive content on websites that already have the ability to rank on search results helps to push down negative content. It also ensures that when a potential client, employee, or employer searches for you online, they will find positive and useful content promoting you or your business. 

Positive publicity and content online is also a great way to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts and increase the overall visibility of your brand. Consumers want to know about businesses and what they stand for more than ever before. Publishing content that demonstrates who you are and what your brand represents allows the public to connect with you or your business on a more personal level.  

Additionally, many consumers can overlook a negative review if the business responds to the reviewer appropriately. This type of content and online engagement serves many purposes, all of which help to improve your overall online reputation. 


Proactively Protect Your Online Reputation

Nearly everyone uses online searches to find out more about the people, businesses, and brands they associate with. Because of the nature of the internet, individuals and professionals must protect their online reputations. Search results can end up defining who you are as a person or whether your brand is trustworthy and responsible. The search results that are shown for your name or brand can have real, tangible impacts on your life, your business, and your bottom line. 

Being aware of what kind of content is associated with you or your business is only half the battle. Negative content can hide deep within search results and climb to top rankings at any time. For this reason, negative content must be discovered and addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to your reputation. 

Guaranteed Removals protects and defends their clients from harmful online content. They offer expert solutions to detect content very quickly, remove it permanently, and promote a positive online presence to improve your reputation and combat future negative content. 


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