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We Remove Yelp Reviews

Attract More Customers To Your Business

You can’t overlook the importance of your business’s online reputation, and one of the most integral aspects of a modern business’s reputation is your online reviews, including on major sites like Yelp.

Most people looking into a business’s reviews will head straight to Yelp, perhaps only stopping to check Google Reviews first. So, you need to make sure that what they see on Yelp paints your business in a positive light.

But what if someone posts a fake or negative review on Yelp? You need to take control of your reputation, and you can do just that with some help from Guaranteed Removals. We permanently remove Yelp reviews that can cause irreparable harm to your reputation.

Why Yelp Reviews Matter

You may think that Yelp reviews are just a small part of your company’s online reputation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Ninety percent of people read reviews before they even reach out to a business, let alone visit it or order from it.

Another common misconception is that reviews aren’t as important as word-of-mouth recommendations. But it turns out that 88% of consumers give reviews and personal recommendations the same weight. Yelp reviews have a much wider reach and impact on your business than personal recommendations.

Just having reviews on Yelp isn’t good enough. you want as many reviews as possible to be glowing testimonials of your business. Did you know that consumers spend an average of 31% more money at companies with “excellent” reviews? Or that a one-star increase can boost your revenue by 22%?

What if your online reviews are negative? Eighty-six percent of people feel hesitant about buying from businesses with negative reviews.

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Take Control by Removing Negative & Fake Reviews

One of the best ways to take control of your reviews is to remove the fake and negative feedback. 

This will help you control your brand’s narrative and ensure that your business makes a positive first impression with prospective customers.

But you can’t just log into Yelp and delete a review you don’t like. Even reporting fake reviews won’t remove Yelp reviews right away, and far from guarantees, it will be removed at all. 

That’s where Guaranteed Removals comes in. As our name implies, we guarantee the removal of reviews. 

Find out how guaranteed removals can help you!

You Don’t Pay Until the Review Is Gone

Our pay for results promise means you only pay when we successfully remove your reviews. Once we remove Yelp review, we guarantee it’s gone for life.

As a bonus, we can even monitor review platforms and run review boost campaigns to boost your star rating.

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