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reputation management software

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Review Management Program

Manage, Remove, Restore

It’s never been easier to control your online reviews and manage your brand’s reputation all at once. Take the next step in growing your company and attracting new customers with our reputation management software, MyReviews program.

20% of reviews across the internet are defamatory, fraudulent, or have been published with malicious intent or improper site policies. Business owners are in need of a process to consistently manage their reviews and maintain trust with their customers.

Boost Your Review Star Ratings With Our Proven Two Pronged Strategy

1. Remove Harmful Reviews  | 2. Gain 5-Star Reviews

1. Remove Harmful Reviews 

2. Gain 5-Star Reviews

With our service, not only will you be able to remove harmful reviews that are effecting your business, our service will let you gain authentic positive reviews from all major review platforms, boost your star ratings, improve SEO and online visibility, and gain insights into competitors reviews.

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We Believe in your Right to Privacy.

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MyReviews Reputation Management Software

Negative reviews can be a constant threat to your brand’s reputation. But they don’t have to be.

Guaranteed Removals review removal service has the top review removal rate in the industry and have helped hundreds of businesses worldwide control their online review platforms. 

Permanent removal will solve one negative review. But what if you could make negative reviews obsolete for your business?

Businesses that are affected by negative reviews all share one common problem: The lack of a strategy to consistently grow positive reviews.

Free Business Listing Scanner

Get a detailed report of how your business appears on over 50+ sites.

Permanent Review Removal

Don’t let negative or fake reviews hurt your business! Our team of legal professionals and removal specialists will fight to permanently remove your negative reviews. By building out a customized case for removal, contacting the right people, and leveraging legal expertise, we help you move on from the harms of negative feedback. 

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Permanently Remove Reviews

Boost Your Star Rating

Stand Out From Competitors

Build Trust With Customers

Rank Higher with the best google solution

Increase your Google Reviews and Rankings higher in local search with our highest level of partnership with Google. Your customers can leave reviews with just a click thanks to our integration with Google’s private API. Respond to these reviews within the platform and see your replies get immediately posted to Google.

Generate Reviews on auto-pilot

Send automated review requests to customers right after an appointment or a purchase by integrating your CRM or PMS. Monitor reviews across locations and review sources from a single, unified dashboard. 

Enhance your google search

Turn your happy customers into glowing reviews! Guaranteed Removals’ MyReviews makes it as easy as sending a text message for your customers to leave a Google review – allowing you to consistently share the positive customer experience your business provides.

reputation management software
reputation management software

Upgrade Your Reputation Across The Web

Establish your brand reputation further than just Google. Guaranteed Removals’ MyReviews will help you obtain and manage your reviews from Google, Facebook, and hundreds of other sites where your customers may be looking.

Turn Conversations Into Customers

Turn conversations into customers. From one inbox, you can respond directly to customer reviews, answer questions, and engage your audience on their channel of choice — like text, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.

Listings Into Management

We manage and update your business name, address, and phone number for all locations on 50+ sites to improve SEO and brand consistency.

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Review Generation

Get new reviews automatically! We integrate with over 3000 CRMs to get our clients reviews automatically or we can send requests with one click for the same result.

Review Monitoring

We monitor all your reviews from 150+ sites for all locations in one place. Simplify across departments with role-based dashboards and custom alert settings at the corporate, regional and branch levels.

Review Management

We manage and respond to all your reviews from 150+ sites in one place. Streamline through automatic response filters, customized templates, and bulk management. This way you know your message is being heard.

reputation management software

Results speak for themselves

Our clients agree that our combined approach works best. We work to delete your negative reviews and increase your positive reviews while you concentrate on what matters the most to you, running your business.

Our customers see an average:

Increase In Reviews
0 %
Leads Per Year
0 +
Website visitors per year
0 k

Real Case Study: Healthcare

Since working with Guaranteed Removals, a company in the healthcare space (name protected for privacy) has seen the following key improvements:

Real Case Study: Service Industry

Since working with Guaranteed Removals, a company in the service industry (name protected for privacy) has seen the following key improvements:

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Have questions? We've got answers

Answering your questions is important to us, so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you! If we haven’t answered your question here, give us a call and our Reputation Specialists will be happy to help.

Review removal efforts can be included in your service. Please allow at least 90 days for us to work through removal efforts. While we are working, please do not engage in your own removal efforts as this could have a serious impact on our strategies.

If any other negative reviews are posted, we will be notified automatically and we will add them to our removal efforts to work on for you right away.

Research has shown that responding to reviews can be a great way to improve your online optics. We recommend responding as much as possible to reviews. With this service, we can create custom responses for you that have been shown to improve your online optics.

If you would like us to send out requests for reviews we can do so via email and text to your customers using our platform. In order to do so, we will need you to provide us with a customer contact list periodically.

Our first goal is always to outright delete negative content, but some websites have policies to never remove content. 

This aspect of service will create business listings across multiple sites with your correct address and contact information to improve accessibility for your business as well as create improvements to your ranking and searchability when potential customers are searching online.