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The Dark Side of the Internet: Why You Should Always Think Twice Before Posting on Social Media

Always Think Twice Before Posting on Social Media
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    Social Media is a continuously evolving platform, with the capacity to share and store personal thoughts, data, and opinions. In an attempt to construct a universal narrative through words and images, many individuals end up inadvertently sharing sensitive information.

    With the rise of social sharing, our digital footprint now plays a pivotal role in self-expression. Remaining relevant online has become not only a tool for self-promotion but also means to construct an online identity. However, despite the endless possibilities that social platforms provide, there is also a darker side to the wealth of information available on the internet.
    As a prominent online reputation management company, we at Guaranteed Removals remind individuals that social media directly influences public perception. Therefore, it is important to ensure your digital trail is free of compromising material. As a trusted authority in content removals, we encourage you to consider the following factors before posting on social media:

    It May Impact Professional Opportunities

    Traditionally, employers have been limited to information candidates provide on a paper resume. However, given the current state of social networking, hiring managers now have access to increased personal data, including previous work experience and online social interactions.
    According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, approximately 70% of employers utilize social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Making one’s online reputation a primary tool to make comparisons between potential candidates.

    Despite the growing trend of employers consulting digital platforms to gauge an individual’s online presence, compromising posts can hinder professional opportunities. Studies show that employers evaluate various factors, including the likelihood of success in a professional environment. References to watch out for include:

    • Highly offensive material pertaining to race or color
    • Statements designed to solicit sympathy
    • References to alcohol and violence
    • Explicit photos
    • Profanity

    You Have a Larger Audience Than You Think

    Guaranteed Removals has seen their fair share of compromising material on the internet and remind individuals that no content is ever 100% secure. With continuous advancements to digital sharing, it has never been easier to come across sensitive data.
    Although apps such as Instagram and Facebook can be terrific places to meet new people, its important to be aware that most individuals utilize screenshots and viral shares.

    You Are Sacrificing Personal Safety

    Given the prevalence of social platforms in 2019, it is easy to forget that over sharing can sacrifice personal privacy. Likewise, posting photos of children or tagging residences is often considered risk behavior. Guaranteed Removals claims that despite the increased transparency of our daily lives, it is never a good idea to start sharing addresses or locations.
    Additionally, it is important to remember that privacy settings are not fail proof. Online platforms are continuously updating their settings, making personal data more accessible. Your social media page should not be used as a personal diary, so be mindful of oversharing.

    Constructing an Online Identity

    Social media is a great way to remain in contact with friends and family members. However, in the hopes of remaining relevant online, individuals often fail to take the necessary safety precautions before posting. In an effort to remain safe and protect your online image, it is best to think twice before posting. Your online reputation is a valuable asset, so it is best to take steps to secure it.