Permanently Remove Mugshots and Criminal Records from the Internet

Don’t Let Your Past Impact Your Future.

We permanently remove mugshots and criminal records from the internet and only charge when the content has been deleted.

For over 12 years, the experts at Guaranteed Removals have helped thousands of people move on from past mistakes or misunderstandings that populate the internet.


Happy clients,
we've helped.


Pieces of content
we've removed.


No up front costs.
Only pay for results.


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* Please note, we do not expunge records.
We delete the information from the internet.

100% Confidential.
We Believe in your Right to Privacy.


Happy clients, we've helped.


Pieces of content we've removed.


No up front costs. Only pay for results

No Hassle and No Risk!

We require no money upfront. You pay only after the negative content has been permanently removed.

With our service guarantee, once we remove a piece of content, we guarantee it gone for life.

Top Sites We Remove From

We remove criminal records, court records, and mugshots from search results and the following sites, including but not limited to:

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Bring Your Search Results To The Next Level

We offer alternative solutions to outrank and overshadow criminal records and mugshots on search results.

Find out more about our Positive Reputation Management services.

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