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About Guaranteed Removals

Looking to learn more about Guaranteed Removals? Guaranteed Removals is the world’s leading online content removal company. We are the only company in the industry that utilizes expert legal resources, proprietary removal technology, and offers a pay for results promise. Our service guarantee states that our clients only pay for content we are able to successfully remove, and once we remove it, we guarantee it’s gone for life.

About Guaranteed Removals

Our Purpose

The Internet is unforgiving and unrelenting. The way in which stories and misinformation spread online can leave anyone vulnerable to the harmful effects of online negative content. Our purpose as a company is to provide protection against these vulnerabilities, while offering a risk free, legal and technical approach to permanent content removal. We have witnessed the repercussions that negative online content can bring to both businesses and individuals and fight to give our clients back control over their online presence. .

Our Code of Ethics

We believe in freedom of speech, but even more in people’s right to privacy and to be forgotten. We also support a kinder and gentler Internet where publishers regulate the use of people’s Privately Identifiable information by third parties, especially in the context of doxing, slander or any other malicious intent.

We are a reputation agency using paralegal techniques to combat the spread of negative content on the internet. We always work within an ethical framework.

Why Choose Us?

Our legal expertise, combined with our extensive removal experience and proprietary removal technology, allows us to offer the best service available in the content removal industry. We pride ourselves on helping people and businesses fight back against harmful online content, and being the best at what we do. We also believe that you shouldn’t pay for services that are not fully delivered. That is why we offer our pay for results promise. Our clients only pay for content we successfully remove, and once we remove it, we guarantee it’s gone for life.

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More About Guaranteed Removals

Company History

Since being founded in 2009, Guaranteed Removals has been helping individuals and businesses regain their online privacy and fight back against negative content populating the internet. Over the years, our team and capabilities have grown substantially. In 2019 we were named one of the nation’s top growing companies by the Globe and Mail, Canada’s most prestigious business magazine. With offices now in Canada and the United States, Guaranteed Removals better serves their global clientele and aims to continue growing their capabilities for clients by establishing themselves in Miami’s booming tech industry.

Community Support is passionate about giving back to those in need.

We aspire to make positive change in our community by participating in local food drives, clothing drives, and community events. 

We also offer scholarship opportunities to young adults who are passionate about making a difference in the online landscape.

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