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Answering your questions about reputation management is important to us, so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you! If we haven’t answered your questions about reputation management here, give us a call and our Reputation Specialists will be happy to help. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Reputation Management

It sure can! We have been helping individuals and businesses for over a decade based directly on our ability to do just that. We are the only company in the world that can permanently remove online content and guarantees you only pay for results. Many companies, who strictly focus on suppressing negative content, will claim permanent removal is impossible. The reality is, content removal is very much possible. We do it for hundreds of clients every single day.

The cost of removals depends on the amount of links you need removed,  the type of content it is, and how difficult the domain is to remove from. Remember that we offer a pay for results promise, meaning you only pay if we successfully remove the content. For a free quote, contact one of our Reputation Consultants who will personally review your case.

All new content removal clients are assigned a Customer Success Leader (CSL) who will assist and update you throughout the removal process. The CSL will gather your information regarding the negative content and how it has been impacting you. From there, that information will be used by our content removal experts to build out a customized case for removal, which they will utilize along with internal legal resources to have the content permanently taken down by the publisher or domain. 

The timeline of each and every removal varies. However, in our contracts, we ask for 90 days to complete removals. Almost all content can be removed within the first 90 days, however in many cases we remove content well before the 90 day threshold. For anyone with an urgent case, we do offer expedited options for faster results. 

Our first goal is always to outright delete negative content, but some websites have policies to never remove content. In these situations, our team will fight to have the content deindexed.

When something is de-indexed, the content still exists, but it has been completely removed from a search engine. It will not be findable on any search term regardless of what is searched. Generally, de-indexing is just as effective a solution as deletion because the only way to find the de-indexed content is to go directly to the website it’s hosted on and search for it (which almost never happens in practice and is nearly impossible to find if you already didn’t know that content existed in the first place).

Yes we can. We help businesses everyday combat the spread of fake or inaccurate reviews by deleting them at the source. We also offer our Review Management service, where we help businesses gain more positive reviews, manage their feedback properly, and build trust with consumers, all while getting preferred rates on permanent content removal. To learn more about this service you can visit our page, or call one of our reputation specialists for a detailed breakdown.

Yes. All of the services and strategies at Guaranteed Removals are completely legal and ethical. We would not be a BBB accredited business for over a decade if we practiced illegal or unethical solutions. We fight on your behalf to have negative content permanently removed, and utilize our years of experience and legal expertise to protect your reputation.