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Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.Google Review
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"I was a little apprehensive about using Guaranteed Removals at first, simply because I had no experience with this type of service and because they are outside of the US. After hiring them for their services, they were able to get the information removed within days. The information appeared a few times after the initial removal, and each time they responded immediately and it was removed (again) promptly. I can’t say enough about this company, their response time, and their follow-through. Chelsie has been a superstar and I’m so glad I chose this company out of so many out there."
Ross M.
Ross M.Google Review
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"Thank you to Roy and Karolina! Guaranteed removals did an excellent job in resolving an online attack and were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The job was completed well within expectations and Karolina checked to ensure that all old links were removed from google. Good Job team!"
Beni A.
Beni A.Google Review
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"The service I received from the staff at Guaranteed Removals was exceptional. Specifically, my account manager John ensured that I understood the entire process and was very transparent throughout the whole campaign. The results John and I were able to accomplish will not only help me right now but will continue to help me in the future. The value in this service is certainly bar none. Thanks John!"
Samantha G.
Samantha G.Google Review
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"Guaranteed Removals was great, with Ivan C. being especially helpful. I had a picture that was used by a spam site, and Ivan got the picture off within a week and a half. Upon searching to make sure it was down, I realized that the picture had also been used by another spam company that came up through another search engine but not the one I had originally used (I had only checked Google at first). Ivan had the other links taken down as well and did so within a week. I was SO appreciative of how quick he was, and very caring and empathetic during the process (the picture had been a very stressful situation). I would absolutely recommend GR, and especially, especially, especially Ivan, to anyone needing to have something removed from online. Thanks, Ivan! As I said numerous times, I appreciate you and your help!"
Taran L.
Taran L.Google Review
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"The team Guaranteed Removals is amazing to work with! They helped our company get rid of some negative content online and did a great job. After trying to work with several other companies and becoming very frustrated, it was like a breath of fresh air working with these guys! They helped get everything squared away in less than two months! I would highly recommend working with this group."
Yelian G.
Yelian G.Google Review
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"I used their reputation management services and it was a great experience. I specifically worked with Marlina and she's certainly on the ball. I can't vouch for the content removal side of things however but I'm sure they would give it their best shot regardless of the situation."
Heidi G.
Heidi G.Google Review
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"I signed with this company to have negative content removed about me online. The article that was appearing in my search results was impacting my life in every way possible. Ashley helped me get my life back by getting this content removed! I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone!"
Jordan P.
Jordan P.Google Review
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"I wanted to write a review thanking Alexis for working with me on the job that I had her work on for me. The situation was resolved and she was responsive in taking my calls. I shopped around for other companies but in the end I felt comfortable using this company because it felt more reputable and legit than the others. There are a lot of fraudulent companies that take advantage of people but I did not feel as if that was the case with this company. I would recommend using this company if you are wanting negative information removed from the internet. Thanks again Alexis and the team of Guaranteed Removals."
John N., CEO
John N., CEOGoogle Review
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"Having been in business for 22 years, we never used an online reputation service. This was a huge mistake. I wish i had used this service years ago. We have used GR for the last 6 months and they have been wonderful in helping us boost our online PR and Modernize our presence and get the good word out about our company and our services. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who does not know how to make their company look good online. GR have given Nexgen's customers a voice and allowed us to put our best foot forward."
Eugene H.
Eugene H.Google Review
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"Abel was our account manager. He was very patient with us, as we took our time to proceed. The company was very professional, provided a fair price, accomplished the goal we set out, and they even went back after several months after completion to change a few things for us for free. Very customer-driven and focused. They are one of the best in the industry."
Brock R.
Brock R.Google Review
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"Guaranteed removals is by far worth every dollar spent incredible job. Response time is unbelievable as well. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get help. Can't thank you guys and Jay enough."
Chris P.
Chris P.Google Review
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"I have been with them for one month and already they have been working very hard on my file. Melanie was very good at keeping me posted and well informed. They have great communications skills and take the time to update me whenever I need to. I can see how they work and I am looking forward to benefiting from their skills as they advance on their work. I definitively recommend them. I only wish I knew of them before."
Maureen L.
Maureen L.Google Review
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"We just finished a one month project with Guaranteed Removals and I have to say I was extremely pleased with their results. Ian D. was our project manager and he was extremely responsive and professional. It felt like we had a "friend" in our corner while working on this project. We had an up-front meeting where the game plan was established by Ian and agreed to by us. GR then went on to execute on every aspect of the plan, sending us drafts prior to posting. I did end up editing some aspects of the content, so they were more personalized, etc. but overall they did a fantastic job. I want to thank Ian D. for all his help and for being such a terrific partner on this job."
Frederique S.
Frederique S.Google Review
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"After researching several services, I opted to work with Guaranteed Removals and they absolutely followed through. There are a lot of companies that will take your money and run with zero results. NOT Guaranteed Removals. They don't ask for anything unless they are successful. In my case, they requested 90 days for completion, but offered an expedited service for an additional fee, and I am happy to report the case was successfully resolved in less than 1 week. I absolutely recommend them."
Magda P.
Magda P.Google Review
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"I highly recommend Guaranteed Removals! From first contact to the final results they showed highest professionalism and excellence. They removed the information much quicker then expected. Not only they restored our son’s reputation on line but also our peace of mind and his confidence. Five stars all together and big thank you!"
Cori H.
Cori H.Better Business Bureau Review
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"Seamless! Perfect! I was skeptical, but this company is legitimate and delivers on their promises! Can't thank you enough!"
Rebecca J.
Rebecca J.Better Business Bureau Review
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"I was a little apprehensive about using Guaranteed Removals at first, simply because I had no experience with this type of service and because they are outside of the US. After hiring them for their services, they were able to get the information removed within days. The information appeared a few times after the initial removal, and each time they responded immediately and it was removed (again) promptly. I can't say enough about this company, their response time, and their follow through. Chelsie has been a super star and I'm so glad I chose this company out of so many out there."
Priya S.
Priya S.Better Business Bureau Review
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"My neighbor defamed me online and sought petitions to disbar me on an online platform, claiming that numerous clients of mine had sent complaints to the Bar about me. Her claims were completely made up. I don't have public clients, since I work in-house in a company. She even got a couple of hundred people to sign her fake petition, since they believed her false claims. Despite how glaringly fake this petition was, the neighbor refused to remove it, as did the online platform. It was showing up as second in my search results, and affecting my reputation and my prospective job search. I had worked hard my whole life and given back to my community, only to have one fake review from a condo neighbor taint my reputation. I had sought to remove it myself, and through a law firm, but nothing worked. I finally went to Guaranteed Removals and they managed to remove it a little beyond 90 days after I signed the contract (they sought my permission to extend the contract, which I granted). It was expensive to remove, but so well worth it! People view everything they see online about you as truth. Guaranteed Removals deserves 5 stars for helping me remove this false petition and helping me get my normal life back."
Trevor M.
Trevor M.Better Business Bureau Review
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"Excellent service and results. They got the job done and were responsive to all of my questions. Several months later when the content reappeared they were good to their word and worked to get it removed again - at no additional charge. I recommend them."
Jordan M.
Jordan M.Better Business Bureau Review
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"Like many of the other positive reviews on here I had a very similar experience. I showed them the link and why I wanted it removed (was ruining my life), we agreed on a price and a 90 day term to get it removed. All rates are negotiable but they are still high-it just depends on how much you value getting the link removed. Their team updated me throughout the time window to reassure me that they were working on it. I don't know how they did it but the actual page was deleted from the website and no trace of it is on any search engine. These people might not know it but they give good people a second chance and the right to be forgotten. I am not religious but bless you!"
Patrick A.
Patrick A.Better Business Bureau Review
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"I looked for a business to help me remove content for a long time and finally settled with them because they were only charging me if successful, so I though: "Why not give it a try?". It took the full 90 days, but they were successful in the end. All this time, they emailed me they were still trying to get a positive outcome for me. I remember thinking "yeah, right... how many times can you ask the same thing to the webmaster and get the same outcome yet hope for a different one". Well.. I was wrong. They were still working on it and they succeeded. It was not cheap. It's way too expensive for what it is. BUT that being said, If I had to do it again, I would, and I would pay again. It's hard to find people who get the job done and offer a similar guarantee. My content was not deleted but deindexed. I really think no better outcome could have been achieved. I am actually still surprised they managed that! I would recommend without hesitation. Their service was also very good. Enjoyable experience."