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Link Removal

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One of the biggest fears that people and companies have is that their name will be slandered from negative results when using a search engine. Negative links have the potential to extremely impact a person’s day to day life, or worse, their professional goals. It can affect their chances at landing jobs, receiving loans, or getting new clients for their business.
In a 2018 survey, 86% of consumers stated they will read reviews for local businesses prior to making their purchasing decision. This means that negative content can potentially deter nine out of ten customers before you even have the chance to secure their business. At, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance and with our link removal service, that second chance is now an option for your online reputation.

A Second Chance

Everybody makes mistakes, it is unfortunately just a fact of life. However, no one wants their mistake to define them for the rest of their lives. With the ubiquity of the internet, a lapse in judgment now has the potential to last significantly longer and influence your future endeavors. Prior to the development of the internet and the prevalence of social media platforms, shortcomings and poor judgment did not have such dire permanent effects on our reputation. However, due to the popularity of the internet, and how readily available information is, negative links will remain relevant for extended periods. At, we understand that mistakes happen, and no one should have a bad moment define who they are, which is why we are proud to offer our link removal service.

Link Removal

At, we help to ensure that past blunders do not impact your future opportunities. With our link removal service, we can help individuals remove harmful slanderous content (including photographs) from several sources including blogging websites, revenge sites, and indexed information being displayed from Google. The cost of link removal varies and is dependent on the difficulty and quantity of links that need to be removed.

Our link removal services ranges from roughly $500 to the upmost cost of $100,000; although most solutions are somewhere between the $3,000 and $15,000 range. Our prices are one-time fees that are only paid if we can successfully remove your content from the damaging sites. The link removal process on average takes about two to four weeks but can take upwards of 90 days depending on the amount of links and their locations.


If link removal is not an option for whatever reason, de-indexing is another option that our team can provide. De-indexing a link means that it will no longer appear as a result on some search engines; however, Google is the most prominent at de-indexing content. Instead, the only way people can find the link is if they were to go to the website and manually look for the link, which is rare for people to do. De-indexing is different from link removal in that the content will still be online, but no one can find it simply by searching for it whereas link removal completely removes the content from the internet.

Link Removal is one of our specialties at and we pride ourselves in our ability to have removed content or completely deleted over 25,000 links of all varieties of content for clients from countries across the world for thousands of clients. To take control of your personal information online and for a free, no-obligation quote: please contact one of our Reputation Consultants who will personally review your case and help to set up a plan of action.