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Guaranteed Removals Raises Money to Support McMaster Children’s Hospital

Guaranteed Removals Raises Money To Support McMaster Children’s Hospital
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    The staff of Guaranteed Removals has displayed their unwavering generosity and commitment to their local community with an internal fundraiser for McMaster Children’s Hospital, where employees raised a total of $336.00. McMaster Children’s Hospital is one of Canada’s largest pediatric care units and is a leader in collaborative research and cutting-edge education.

    A total of $336.00 was raised with staff donating $168.00 and Guaranteed Removals matching those contributions. Guaranteed Removals staff made their donations by participating in a Christmas coffee fundraiser in the office over the course of the holiday season.

    “Our staff have big hearts, we currently have 58 people who work for us and they are always looking to help clients and the local community,” said James John, Founder, Guaranteed Removals. “The staff wanted to give back to a local cause during the holidays. They are always coming up with creative ways to help one another and the community.” continued John.

    “Guaranteed Removals is continually giving back to the community through food drives, scholarship programs, and internships.” continued John. “We help people online and where we live, work and play,” said John. Guaranteed Removals has plans to continue their philanthropic initiatives for the new year.