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Remove Personal Information From Docket Alarm

Don’t Ignore Threats To Your Privacy

Docket Alarm is a legal aggregator site that compiles state and federal court records. It began as a way for legal professionals to get the information they need faster. But when it became public, privacy issues soon came into play.

Some court cases have always been part of the public record. Yet the rise of legal aggregator sites has allowed the public to access information from criminal and civil court cases with ease. Anyone can obtain your criminal record and personal information by simply searching for your name.

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remove personal information from docket alarm

Let Us Handle Your Information Removal From Docket Alarm

Search results of your cases from Docket Alarm can damage your reputation. Anyone wishing to access it can read the public records about your case. It’s completely legal since Docket Alarm displays public information scraped from state and federal databases.

Docket Alarm does have an opt-out process on the site. The process is tedious but straightforward. You’ll need to hunt down each URL on which your case or name appears on the site.

Put Your Mind At Ease

We help our clients regain their online reputation by removing their personal information from Docket Alarm. Don’t be vulnerable to attacks to your privacy. Have your information removed before it becomes a problem! 

No money is required upfront. Don’t struggle to track down and request the removal of your information from Docket Alarm with no guarantee of results. 

Fix Your Reputation

Complement the removal of your personal information from Docket Alarm, negative news articles, and harmful images. We offer additional services to promote your positive online reputation and improve search results.

Find out more about our Online Reputation Management services. We can help you take control of your personal search results and how you are perceived online. Let us enhance your reputation and protect your privacy.