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Remove Your Online Personal Information From Justia

Regain Your Digital Privacy

We help our clients regain their online reputations through the removal of their personal information from Justia. There is no upfront fee or cost. You don’t have to struggle to track down and request the removal of your information from Justia with no guarantee of a result. Let us handle the entire process for you.

And you pay only after the information is permanently deleted. Our service guarantee ensures that once we remove your online personal information, it is gone for good.

What is Justia?

Justia is one of the largest online databases of legal case data and information. It is a legal aggregator website that compiles the records of state and federal courts, including even those of the U.S. Supreme Court. Search results for your own cases on Justia can cause distress and be damaging to your reputation. Anyone can read the public records, which contain your personal information as well as details about your criminal case.

Justia displays public information scraped from state and federal databases, so the site operates within the confines of the law. Most laws regarding the protection of private information favour the publisher. But the display of your personal information can still have an impact on your life.


How does Justia Work?

Anyone who searches your name on Google can find results from Justia. A simple search can show criminal or civil cases, divorce proceedings, and personal details. These results could affect your ability to get or keep a job, earn a promotion, or maintain personal and professional relationships. This could also lead to privacy leaks and more serious problems like identity theft.

Justia has an opt-out process on their website that is relatively simple, but time-consuming. As part of the process, you’ll need to collect every URL where your case or name appears on the site. Once you’ve collected each URL, you can request an opt-out and block a Justia link from search engines such as docket, opinion, trademark, or patent. However, Justia does allow you to submit multiple links in a single request, which saves you a bit of work. 

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Get Your Reputation Back On Track

Complement the removal of your online personal information from Justia, negative news articles, and harmful images. To promote your positive online reputation and improve search results, we offer additional services.

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