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Guaranteed Removals Announces 2020 Scholarship Winners

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Guaranteed Removals, a leading company in reputation management, is excited to support students in higher education, specifically those studying law, criminology, and computer science and is eager to announce its 2020 scholarship winners.

2020 Scholarship Winners Announced by Guaranteed Removals

On October 23, 2020, from our headquarters in Burlington, Ontario, Guaranteed Removals is excited to announce the 2020 scholarship winners of our Academic Scholarship Campaign for this year.

The five 2020 scholarship winners chosen are:

  • Anacaona Yskes
  • Arianna Sihota
  • Kennedy Troy Butts
  • Kira Tran
  • Khristion Pate

Each student will receive $1,000 to help fund their college or university studies.

To apply for this scholarship, students had to write a 400-word essay about their educational goals and how they plan to use their degree after graduating. Applicants also needed to be currently studying at an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada. This process was a critical step in selecting the 2020 scholarship winners, who demonstrated exceptional potential and clear educational objectives.

Guaranteed Removals recognizes the growing importance of having a good online reputation in today’s technology-driven world. The company is dedicated to helping both individuals and businesses maintain a positive online presence. By offering this scholarship, Guaranteed Removals aims to support students who are likely to contribute positively to the digital world in the future. The 2020 scholarship winners, in particular, were chosen for their promising vision of using technology in their future endeavors.

In light of the global economic situation, Guaranteed Removals sees this as an ideal time to provide financial assistance to students. Co-Founder James John mentioned that despite many students studying from home due to government orders, education costs are still high. The company is committed to equal opportunity and is proud to help students, including the 2020 scholarship winners, achieve their educational and career aspirations.

Finally, Guaranteed Removals extends its gratitude to all the applicants of the scholarship program and is eagerly anticipating next year’s campaign.

Congratulations to Guaranteed Removals’ 2020 scholarship winners. We wish them the best of luck in their studies!

Guaranteed Removals Scholarship Program

Guaranteed Removals started a scholarship program in 2017, offering $5,000 annually to college and university students. This scholarship is available for those studying in the fields of criminology, law, or computer science, either entering or already enrolled in an accredited institution.

To apply, students need to fill out an online form and write an essay. The essay should talk about their plans to positively influence the cyber world. A strong application will clearly show the candidate’s enthusiasm for their chosen subject and outline their future goals and how they intend to make a difference online. James John, the founder of Guaranteed Removals, expressed excitement about the scholarship’s impact and noted the high number of applicants and their eagerness to support students and the online community.

Besides the scholarship, Guaranteed Removals is also involved in other community activities like food drives, fundraisers, and offering internships. To be eligible, applicants must be Canadian or American citizens or permanent residents, or have protected person status. They should be newly admitted or currently enrolled in a program related to criminal justice, law, or computer science and be performing well academically.

The aim of the Guaranteed Removals Scholarship Program is to encourage young people to become leaders and contribute to making the digital world safer. Applicants must provide a copy of their acceptance letter when applying. Students interested in applying or looking for more information can visit our Scholarship Page.

Guaranteed Removals Commitment to Students

In addition to scholarship awards and the 2020 scholarship winners, Guaranteed Removals demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting students, focusing on those studying law, criminology, and computer science. They have partnered with Mohawk College for the Paralegal Co-op Placement Program, offering a practical, hands-on experience that complements the students’ academic studies. This program is a valuable opportunity for students to gain real-world insights into the legal field, particularly in the crucial area of online reputation management, a skill increasingly relevant in today’s digital world.

Additionally, Guaranteed Removals actively participates in career fairs across various Ontario Universities. These events are a key part of their engagement strategy, allowing them to connect with a diverse group of students. At these fairs, the company promotes its scholarship program and internship opportunities, while also highlighting the importance of a positive digital presence. This advice is particularly pertinent for upcoming professionals in an era where online reputations can significantly impact career prospects.

Through these efforts, Guaranteed Removals not only contributes to the educational landscape but also reinforces its dedication to fostering the next generation of professionals in law, criminology, and technology. Their involvement with educational institutions like Mohawk College and presence at university career fairs illustrate a commitment to empowering students. They are not just offering financial support through scholarships, but are also providing essential guidance and practical experiences. This holistic approach underlines Guaranteed Removals’ dedication to helping students navigate and positively shape the digital landscape, an integral part of their professional development.

Guaranteed Removals in the Community

Guaranteed Removals shows a strong commitment to helping its community. They recently partnered with the Compassion Society of Halton to support local students. In 2019, Guaranteed Removals helped 80 children in Burlington by giving them backpacks filled with school supplies. This gesture was a big help for these young students, making sure they had what they needed to start their school year right.

James John, the founder of Guaranteed Removals, talks about the company’s dedication to being a good neighbor in the community. They do more than just one-time events. Their team also gets involved in food drives to support the local food bank and raises money for things like McMaster’s Sick Kids. These actions show they really care about making a difference where they can.

The Compassion Society of Halton is thankful for the help from Guaranteed Removals. Their contribution is really important for kids who might not have enough school supplies. The Compassion Society works to help families in the area with food, clothing, and household items, and partners like Guaranteed Removals are key to making that happen.

Guaranteed Removals’ involvement in these community activities highlights their belief that being a good business also means helping out in the community. They not only focus on their business but also put effort into supporting local families, education, and health initiatives. Their work makes a real difference in the community.

Scholarship Application Tips for Future Applicants

When applying for a scholarship, especially in fields like online safety and cybersecurity, crafting a compelling essay and a strong application are essential. Here are some tips that helped the 2020 scholarship winners stand out:

  • Understand the Scholarship’s Objective: It’s crucial to know what the scholarship committee seeks, particularly if they focus on fields related to online safety and cybersecurity. Your essay should be tailored to these themes, a strategy that proved successful for the 2020 scholarship winners.
  • Be Clear About Your Goals: Articulate your educational and career goals clearly. Explain how your interest in cyber security or online safety aligns with these goals. Be specific about your future plans in this field, a factor that distinguished the applications of the 2020 scholarship winners.
  • Showcase Your Passion: Your passion for online safety or cybersecurity should be evident. Share personal experiences that drew you to this field. This authenticity can set your application apart.
  • Highlight Relevant Experience: Any experience in school projects, internships, or personal initiatives related to cyber security or online safety should be highlighted. This demonstrates commitment and practical understanding.
  • Discuss Future Impact: Talk about how you plan to make a difference in online safety or cybersecurity. Scholarship committees look for candidates who have a vision for future contributions in these areas.
  • Proofread and Edit: Ensure your essay is well-written and free of errors. This attention to detail was a key aspect of the successful 2020 scholarship winners.
  • Be Authentic: Let your personality shine through in your essay. Authenticity can make your application memorable.
  • Follow Application Guidelines: Adhere to all guidelines including word limits and submission deadlines. This shows your ability to follow instructions, a quality evident in the 2020 scholarship winners.

Remember, a standout scholarship application clearly demonstrates passion, goals, and potential impact in the field, as seen in the success of the 2020 scholarship winners in the realms of online safety and cybersecurity.

Stay Connected for Future Scholarship Opportunities

Stay connected with us at Guaranteed Removals and never miss an update on our scholarship and community involvement opportunities! We actively use our social media channels to keep you informed about all the latest news and events.

By following our social media accounts, you’ll ensure you’re always up-to-date on our scholarship announcements, application deadlines, and the various ways we’re involved in the community. Join our online community today and be part of the conversation!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Guaranteed Removals 2020 Scholarship Winners

The 2020 scholarship winners were Anacaona Yskes, Arianna Sihota, Kennedy Troy Butts, Kira Tran, and Khristion Pate. Each received $1,000 to support their studies in law, criminology, or computer science.
Selection was based on a 400-word essay discussing educational goals and plans for using their degree post-graduation. Applicants needed to demonstrate potential and clear objectives, particularly in contributing to the digital world.
Students must fill out an online form and write an essay about their plans to positively influence the cyber world. Applicants should be in criminology, law, or computer science programs in accredited U.S. or Canadian institutions.

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