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How to Remove Negative Angi Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Remove Angi Reviews

    Welcome to our expert guide on managing and how to remove Angi reviews. Angi’s platform, previously Angie’s List, serves as a digital marketplace that connects homeowners with a wide range of home service professionals, from plumbers and electricians to cleaners and landscapers. It offers users the ability to search, book, and review home service providers, facilitating easier and more efficient home improvement and maintenance projects. This guide is a crucial part of our series focused on content removal and review removal strategies, designed to help individuals and businesses navigate their online reputation effectively. In today’s online marketplace, reviews greatly influence a business’s perception. Positive feedback can boost your brand, while negative reviews present challenges. Understanding how to address these comments on a significant platform like Angi is essential for maintaining your business’s online standing.

    We provide clear instructions for assessing and possibly reporting unsuitable reviews on your Angi profile. If you encounter reviews that contravene Angi’s content standards, as outlined in their comprehensive terms of use, this guide equips you with the necessary strategies and tactics. Our goal is to aid you in preserving a positive online presence, fostering trust with your consumers, and ensuring your business is accurately represented on this vital service platform.

    Recommended Steps for Reporting Inappropriate Angi Reviews

    To effectively address a problematic review, we recommend following these structured steps:

    • Confirm if the review breaches Angi’s guidelines on respect, fairness, and honesty.
    • Attempt to resolve the issue by reaching out to the reviewer
    • Flag the review using the reporting mechanism provided by Angi
    • If available, use a text box to provide a concise yet comprehensive explanation.
    • Understand that Angi may take time to respond and monitor the status of your report.
    • If the issue remains unresolved, follow up with Angi’s customer support.
    • Consider legal action if it is justified and in line with Angi’s terms of use.

    Key Points to Remember in the Review Management Process on Angi

    • Immediate removal of reviews is not a standard option on Angi.
    • Only reviews violating Angi’s guidelines can be reported and potentially removed.
    • Reporting a review does not guarantee its removal.
    • Negative feedback, if in line with Angi’s policies, is unlikely to be removed.
    • Patience is crucial, as review assessment can be a time-intensive process.

    If managing a negative Angi review becomes overwhelming, or if you find the task of maintaining your online reputation daunting, our team of experts is here to assist. We provide professional support to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring your business’s reputation remains intact on Angi.

    Attempt to Resolve the Complaint

    When addressing negative reviews on Angi, a thoughtful and interactive approach is key. Engaging personally with reviewers demonstrates your commitment to resolving any issues and improving their experience. Here’s how to handle such feedback effectively and with professionalism:

    • Initiate Private Contact: Utilize Angi’s communication tools to contact the reviewer directly for a more personalized discussion about their experience.
    • Acknowledge and Apologize: Acknowledge their concerns and apologizing for any negative experiences they’ve faced. Show your willingness to understand and address the issue.
    • Understand the Issue: Engage in a meaningful conversation to fully grasp their concerns, which will help you tailor a resolution that directly addresses their feedback.
    • Offer a Solution: Propose a resolution that is specific to their situation, whether it involves addressing the issue internally, reiterating your commitment to Angi’s core values, or taking other suitable steps.
    • Discuss Review Adjustment: After addressing their issues, politely inquire if they would consider revising or removing their review, underlining the impact of their feedback on your professional reputation.
    • Learn and Improve: Use the review as an opportunity for self-improvement. Reflect on the feedback to enhance your service quality and prevent similar issues in the future.


    By proactively engaging with reviewers on Angi, you not only resolve individual concerns but also demonstrate to all users your dedication to providing a positive and satisfactory service experience. This approach can transform a negative review into a positive narrative, potentially strengthening your professional reputation on the platform.

    Evaluate Review Guidelines Before Attempting Removal

    When addressing Angi reviews, it’s essential to align your actions with Angi’s core values and terms of use to report and remove reviews that may not adhere to the platform’s standards. Here’s a guide to effectively using Angi’s review management tools in accordance with its policies:

    1. Assess for Authenticity: Report any review that seems false or misleading about your service. Angi values honesty and expects reviews to reflect genuine customer experiences.
    2. Identify Conflicts of Interest: Flag reviews that might come from individuals with a conflict of interest, like direct competitors or individuals not genuinely using your services, as this is against Angi’s terms.
    3. Address Inappropriate Content: Reviews that contain aggressive, offensive, or disrespectful content, including threats, explicit language, or discriminatory remarks, should be reported, adhering to Angi’s commitment to respectful and professional interaction.
    4. Ensure First-Hand Experience: Reviews should be based on actual service experiences. Report any review that seems speculative or doesn’t reflect a direct experience with your service.
    5. Protect Privacy: Reviews must not disclose private or confidential information without consent. Report any content that compromises privacy in line with Angi’s guidelines.
    6. Avoid Promotional Material: Reviews should not serve as advertisements or contain promotional content. Angi restricts content that strays from genuine service-related feedback.
    7. Correct Misidentification: If a review intended for another service provider is posted under your profile, report it to maintain accurate feedback for your services.
    8. Focus on Representative Experiences: Angi aims to capture typical customer experiences. Flag reviews that focus on atypical, one-off events if they don’t represent the standard service you provide.

    Best Practices for Reporting on Angi:

    • Thoroughly read the review before reporting.
    • Select the most appropriate reporting reason.
    • Understand that reporting a review doesn’t guarantee its removal; Angi will evaluate the content against its policies.
    • Remain professional throughout the process.

    Adhering to these guidelines is key to effectively managing your online presence on Angi and ensuring you can remove fake reviews from Angi. Ensuring that reviews on your profile are accurate and respectful helps maintain a positive image of your services on the platform.

    To learn more, review Angi’s community guidelines and code of conduct.

    Report Angi Reviews for Removal

    Managing your online reputation is key for any business on Angi. To effectively handle negative reviews, here’s a streamlined process:

    1. Flagging Reviews: If you’re a ‘Pro’ member on Angi, use your privileges to flag reviews that you believe are unfair or violate the platform’s guidelines. Fake reviews on should be reported as soon as possible.
    2. Automated Review Monitoring: Trust that Angi’s built-in mechanisms are constantly at work to identify and flag fake reviews.

    3. Dispute Resolution: In case of a dispute between your business and a customer, the review will be held in pending status until resolved, although Angi is not responsible for any resulting claims, damages, or losses.

    4. Contact Support for Mistakes: If you suspect a negative review is mistakenly attributed to your business due to an error by Angi, contact a Support Specialist for assistance.

    Concerns and Issues with Angi Reviews 

    Removing reviews from Angi is notably more challenging compared to other platforms. This is primarily due to the fact that Angi’s reviews are verified customer reviews, stemming from the unique way the platform operates. Here’s a breakdown of why this is the case:

    • Verified Customer Reviews: Reviews on Angi come exclusively from customers who have actually hired businesses through the platform. This verification process adds an extra layer of authenticity to each review.

    • Direct Hiring through Angi: Unlike other platforms where reviews can be posted by anyone, Angi’s system ensures that only customers who have engaged a service provider through their platform can leave a review.

    • Quality Assurance: This method ensures a higher level of reliability and accuracy in the feedback, making each review a more trustworthy source of information for other users.

    • Challenge in Removal: Due to this verification process, disputing or removing a review on Angi is more difficult. It requires solid evidence or a clear violation of Angi’s guidelines, as the platform already provides a built-in layer of review authenticity.


    The stringent review process on Angi, while enhancing the trustworthiness of the feedback, also makes it harder to remove reviews, requiring clear justifications and adherence to the platform’s specific procedures.

    Business owners have also raised a number of concerns and issues with Angi, including issues with fake reviews, aggressive sales tactics, and other challenges:

    • Fake Reviews: Angi’s system of verified customer reviews, tied to actual transactions, makes it difficult for businesses to address fake or unjust reviews.

    • Sales Tactics: There are reports of aggressive sales tactics employed by Angi, including persistent calls and messages to users, encouraging them to pay for advertising contracts.

    • Other Challenges: Business owners face difficulties in managing their online reputation on Angi due to these practices, and the challenge is compounded by the platform’s structure and policies.

    These concerns reflect the challenges businesses face in navigating online platforms like Angi, where reputation management is crucial.

    Handling Angi Reviews That Aren't Removed

    When handling a negative review on Angi that remains visible even after reporting it and following the proper channels for removal, you might explore the following strategies:

    Legal Evaluation for Serious Cases:

    • Defamation Concerns: If the review contains slanderous or illegal content, considering legal options might be necessary.
    • Legal Counsel: Consult with an attorney to understand your legal position and the feasibility of action against the reviewer or Angi itself.

    Risks of Legal Proceedings:

    • Undesirable Attention: Legal attempts to remove a review could inadvertently draw more attention to it.
    • Public Image Considerations: Legal actions against reviewers might be perceived negatively, potentially harming your reputation.
    • Cost and Time: Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming.
    • Outcome Uncertainty: There’s no assurance of a positive outcome, and legal action could bring more focus to the negative review.

    Reputation Management Services:

    • Professional Assistance: Services specializing in online reputation management can offer expertise in handling and possibly removing contentious content while respecting platform guidelines.
    • Effectiveness: Professionals with experience in this area may be more successful in navigating content removal.
    • Selecting a Provider: Ensure the credibility and ethical standards of any reputation management service you consider.

    Promoting Positive Experiences

    • Encourage Positive Reviews: Urge satisfied clients to share their positive experiences, which can help balance out the impact of negative reviews by generating positive reviews.
    • Foster Good Relationships: Build a service environment that naturally encourages positive feedback.
    • Showcase Successes: Use your communication channels to highlight positive client testimonials and success stories.

    In managing negative feedback and removing reviews on Angi, adopting a balanced and professional approach is crucial. Often, it’s more beneficial to focus on enhancing service quality and promoting positive client experiences, rather than fixating on a single negative review.

    Frequently Asked Questions About how to Remove Angi Reviews

    Businesses cannot directly remove reviews from Angi. However, if a review violates Angi's terms of use or core values, you can report it for evaluation by Angi's team. Working with specialists like Guaranteed Removals can ensure all possible tactics and strategies to remove harmful reviews are leveraged.

    You can report a non-compliant review through Angi's platform. Look for the reporting option near the review and provide a reason for the report, aligning with Angi's terms and values.

    Angi does not offer the option to disable all reviews. Reviews are an integral part of the platform, providing valuable feedback for homeowners and service professionals.

    Angi may not provide direct updates on the status of reported reviews. However, you can periodically check your profile to see if the review has been addressed.

    If Angi does not remove a reported review, it likely means the review does not violate their guidelines. You can respond to the review publicly to offer your perspective or resolution.

    Professional services like Guaranteed Removals can utilize their expertise to ensure any reviews that can be removed, are removed. They can also offer guidance on best practices for managing your online presence and responding to reviews in a manner that aligns with Angi's guidelines and enhances your reputation.

    The time it takes to address a reported review on Angi varies. It depends on the review's content and Angi's review process, which does not have a specified timeframe, but generally speaking, it can take up to 90 days to work through all strategies for removing Angi reviews.

    There is no cost associated with reporting or responding to reviews on Angi. If you choose to use a professional reputation management service such as Guaranteed Removals, costs will vary depending on the number of reviews ranging from hundreds to several thousand dollars.

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions