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How To Remove Online Complaints in 2021

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    Complaints about a brand or business that populate the internet can damage its reputation and negatively affect its bottom line. Luckily there are ways to combat online complaints and permanently remove them from the internet. Guaranteed Removals can remove online consumer complaints about you or your business. Whether they are posted on a review platform like Google or Yelp, in a blog post, news article, or by a competitor. Removing online complaints will mitigate their exposure to potential clients and protect your company’s online presence. 

    How Removing Complaints Works

    After connecting with one of our Reputation Specialists to diagnose and analyze your Online Reputation concerns, you will be connected with one of our Customer Success Leaders. From there, they will then coordinate your content removal goals with our team of removal experts. Our team consists of attorneys, paralegals, criminology and tech experts with years of experience helping our clients to remove online content. 

    Our Customer Success Leader will work with you to get all of the background information and damages that you have suffered specifically related to the content we will be removing. This ensures we have everything needed to leverage the best and most efficient case for removal possible.

    Common Strategies Include:

    • Direct appeal to the publication/host
    • Copyright Infringement (DMCA)
    • Right to be Forgotten (RtbF)
    • Web Host/Registrar Terms of Service Infringement (ToS) Removal
    • Platform Content Guideline Infringement
    • Platform ToS Infringement
    • Google ToS Infringement

    The best part about our content removal services is that there is no money upfront and no risk. You pay nothing until the content is removed. We guarantee that you only pay for content that we are able to permanently remove. 

    Common Online Complaint Sites We Can Help With

    • Review Platforms
      • Remove negative reviews from Google, Yelp, Glassdoor, Indeed and many other top review platforms. We have helped thousands of clients who have been victims of attacks from disgruntled employees, customers or competitors.
    • Scam Websites
      • Remove defamatory complaints from scam sites like,, and many more.
    • Ripoff Report
      • Remove complaints made on from search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo, one of the longest standing complaint sites on the internet.
    • Complaints Board
    • Gripe/Cheater Sites
      • Remove gossip, defamatory comments and complaints from gripe and cheater sites like, and many more.
    • Not Listed
      • Even if the kind of complaint that you’re looking for is not listed above we have removed content from thousands upon thousands of sites over the years and would love to hear from you to determine the best course of action for you and your budget to clean up your Online Reputation.

    How Long Do Removals Take?

    Our content removal team always works to remove content as quickly as possible. We realize the stress and damage negative content can have on our clients lives. The reality is, every removal case is unique, and the timeframe of a removal can range anywhere from hours to months, depending on the content that we are working to remove. 

    We have successfully removed content from sites like The Dirty in as little as 6 hours from being contacted by a new client. On the other hand, we have also worked closely with clients for multiple months on complaints from indictments that have been published online by government organizations.

    To get a better understanding of how we can provide a solution for your Online Reputation concerns, contact one of our Reputation Specialists for a free consultation

    What if you can’t remove it?

    There are some cases where we are unable to remove every piece of content our clients approach us with. This can be due to time and budget constraints or a publication refusing to act on removal efforts. However, in those situations, we offer a variety of other solutions for improving our clients online reputation and mitigating the harmful effects of negative content that remains online. 

    • Positive Reputation Management (PRM) – PRM campaigns work to create an array of high quality content, and publish it on high domain authority sites. Our content is published to outrank negative content and bury it from view on search engines. This service allows our clients to take control of their online presence while overshadowing any negative content or narratives. 
    • Review Management – These packages combine the removal of fake or negative reviews with review response strategies and initiatives. This service makes you instantly aware of all new incoming reviews and helps develop plans of action, whether it be to remove, or appropriately respond to customer complaints or queries. 
    • Keyword Monitoring (KWM) – KWM campaigns focus on the detection of any and all negative content on the internet for a client’s chosen keywords. This service makes clients instantly aware of reputation harming content and allows for a swift response effort once detected. 

    Why Work With Guaranteed Removals?

    The Online Reputation Management industry has exploded over the past five years and we’re proud to say that we have been around since the beginning. We have a long history and track record of helping our clients move on from defamatory content that was published online. 

    We guarantee that you will not pay for anything that we aren’t able to successfully remove. Further, if for some reason the content we removed were to be republished, we will remove the negative content again at no additional cost.