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Remove Personal Information From CaseText

Protect Your Online Privacy

Having personal data published online can make you vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. Taking the steps to delete from CaseText is a proactive way to manage your online presence  and prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands. 

At Guaranteed Removals, you only pay once your content is permanently removed. Our guarantee ensures that once we remove your personal information from CaseText, it is gone for good.

100% Confidential.
We Believe in your Right to Privacy.

What is CaseText?

CaseText is a legal research platform that provides lawyers and private attorneys access to state and federal court records. As an artificial intelligence-run software, CaseText uses CARA to quickly search for and identify various legal documents. 

Most of the site’s information is available through a paid subscription, meaning that anyone looking to obtain sensitive information can do so for a fee. While CaseText does have an opt-out function and online support, there is no guarantee of removal. 


How Does CaseText work? uses web crawlers to gather information from government websites, U.S. law enforcement agencies, and public court databases. Despite privacy and safety concerns, the site operates legally by offering removal services under certain conditions. 

Removing mugshots and arrest information from sites like is vital to securing your future and personal safety. Having this data available can lead to stigma and impact potential professional opportunities. 

Remove From CaseText Today

In addition to content removal, we offer a wide range of online reputation management services. Take control of your online presence and protect your reputation from harmful internet content.

Our Service Guarantee

At Guaranteed Removals we offer a pay-for-results promise. This means you do not pay until your personal information has been permanently deleted.