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How to Remove Negative BBB Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide to Remove BBB Reviews

    Welcome to our practical guide on how to remove BBB reviews, tailored to aid individuals and businesses in managing their online presence. This the latest addition to our content removal strategy and fake review removal guide series.  Reviews significantly impact your brand, with positive ones boosting and negative ones potentially harming your reputation. Addressing feedback on a platform like BBB is key to maintaining your company’s image.

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is used for fostering trust between consumers and businesses. It provides a platform for customer reviews, complaints, and reports on business practices, as well as offering dispute resolution services.This guide offers straightforward instructions for evaluating and, if needed, responding to negative reviews on your BBB Business Profile. We provide effective strategies for dealing with reviews that breach BBB’s standards. Our aim is to assist you in sustaining a positive online identity, building consumer trust, and ensuring your business is accurately represented.

    Recommended BBB Review Management Steps:

    • Direct Communication: Try resolving issues by contacting the reviewer.
    • Assess Standard Violations: Check if the review violates BBB’s guidelines.
    • Report Inappropriate Reviews: Use BBB’s reporting feature for non-compliant reviews.
    • Monitor Progress: Keep an eye on the review’s status.
    • Seek BBB Support: Get in touch with BBB for unresolved issues.
    • Legal Action: Consider this as a last resort.
    • Public Response: Publicly address the review if it seems appropriate.

    Important Points to Remember:

    • BBB does not offer immediate removal of individual reviews.
    • Reviews can be removed only if they breach BBB’s guidelines or are withdrawn by the reviewer.
    • Reporting a review does not ensure its removal.
    • Negative reviews that comply with BBB’s policies generally remain.
    • Patience is important, as BBB’s review process may take time.

    If you find managing a negative BBB review challenging or need help with online reputation management, our experienced team is ready to assist.

    Report Fake or Negative BBB Reviews for Removal

    To effectively remove a BBB complaint or review, follow these steps:

    1. Direct Contact: Reach out to the reviewer using the contact details provided in the BBB complaint, ensuring transparency and concern.

    2. Acknowledge and Apologize: Begin communication by acknowledging the issue and offering a sincere apology, showing your commitment to customer satisfaction.

    3. Understand and Resolve: Engage in a thorough conversation to understand the complaint and propose a tailored resolution like service redo, refund, or discount.

    4. Request for Removal: Once the issue is resolved, ask the customer to submit a copy of the original complaint to BBB with a request to remove it.

    5. Respond to the Review: Address the issues raised in the review and demonstrate ownership of any problems. Offering solutions can help regain customer trust.

    6. Follow Up and Improve: After responding, follow up with the customer to ensure satisfaction. Use the feedback for improvement in your business.

    7. Monitor BBB Profile: Regularly check your BBB profile for new reviews or complaints and respond in a timely, professional manner.

    8. Educate Your Team: Share the learnings with your team, emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction and effective complaint handling.

    By following these steps, you can navigate the process of removing a BBB complaint or review while maintaining a positive reputation.

    Escalating BBB Reviews for Removal

    In the event your review removal efforts are initially unsuccessful or you believe it is a fake BBB review and they’ve made an error verifying the review, you can follow these steps to escalate the issue:

    1. Visit BBB Website: Go to the official BBB website

    2. Locate Nearest Office: Use the ‘Find Your Local BBB’ tool to find the nearest BBB office.

    3. Gather Contact Information: Obtain the phone number and email address for the local BBB office from their profile.

    4. Direct Contact: Call or email the local BBB office to discuss the fake review.

    5. Prepare Details: Have all relevant information about the review ready, such as your business name, the review in question, and why you believe it’s fake.

    6. Follow-Up: If necessary, schedule a follow-up conversation or meeting for further discussion.

    Addressing Negative BBB Reviews Directly

    Managing negative or fake BBB reviews requires a customer-centered approach, emphasizing direct and respectful communication. Here’s an expanded strategy to address such feedback:

    • Initiate Direct Contact: Utilize the contact information provided in the BBB complaint to reach out to the reviewer. Prioritize a personalized, respectful communication to discuss their experience.
    • Express Acknowledgement and Apology: Begin your communication by acknowledging the reviewer’s concerns. Offer a sincere apology for any inconvenience or dissatisfaction they experienced. This initial step is crucial as it demonstrates your business’s commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to listen.
    • Deeply Understand the Complaint: Engage in a thorough conversation to grasp the core issues of the customer’s complaint. This deep understanding allows you to address the problem effectively and shows the customer that their feedback is taken seriously.
    • Propose a Thoughtful Resolution: After understanding their specific complaint, offer a solution that is tailored to their situation. This could be a service redo, a refund, a discount on future services, or a pledge to improve certain aspects of your service. Ensure that the resolution is both considerate and feasible.
    • Discuss Review Update or BBB Review Removal: Once the issue is resolved, gently approach the topic of updating or removing the BBB review. Explain the impact of reviews on your business and how a revised review could reflect the positive outcome of your interaction.
    • Reflect and Implement Changes: Use the feedback as an opportunity for improvement. Analyze the incident and implement changes in your business practices to prevent similar issues from arising in the future. Continuous improvement not only enhances customer experience but also contributes to building a stronger reputation.
    • Monitor and Respond to Future Reviews: Regularly monitor your BBB profile for new reviews and respond promptly. Showing that you are attentive and responsive to all feedback, positive or negative, reinforces your dedication to excellent customer service.

    By adopting this comprehensive approach, you not only address individual concerns effectively but also demonstrate to your broader customer base your commitment to exceptional service and continuous improvement. This proactive engagement can convert a negative experience into a positive one, possibly winning over a loyal customer.

    Assessing BBB Reviews Before Attempting Removal

    Managing BBB reviews requires a detailed and meticulous approach to ensure compliance and maintain a positive online reputation. Here’s an expanded method for managing this process, and incorporate into your strategy to remove BBB complaints and erase BBB reviews:

    1. In-depth Accuracy Check: Thoroughly assess reviews for factual correctness. Compare each statement against known facts about your business. Report reviews with false or misleading claims according to BBB guidelines.
    2. Identify Biased Sources: Look for reviews that might come from parties with a conflict of interest, like those affiliated with your business, friends, family, or competitors. Such reviews should be flagged for BBB’s review.
    3. Screen for Inappropriate Content: Examine reviews for any content that might be threatening, explicit, or discriminatory. Immediate reporting of such content is vital as it violates BBB’s policies on respectful communication.
    4. Evaluate Authenticity of Experience: Ensure that the reviews are based on actual customer experiences. Speculative or secondhand information does not align with BBB’s criteria and should be reported.
    5. Privacy Concerns: Vigilantly check for any reviews that might include private information or images shared without consent. Such reviews should be flagged to protect privacy rights as per BBB standards.
    6. Detect Promotional or Advertising Content: Identify and report reviews that are primarily promotional or serve as an advertisement, which are against BBB’s rules.
    7. Address Misidentifications: If a review meant for another business is posted on your profile, report it to ensure that your BBB profile reflects accurate customer feedback.
    8. Consider Exceptional Circumstances: Reviews focusing on extraordinary, non-representative events can be flagged, as they may not accurately portray the typical service experience.

    Best Practices:

    • Take the time to fully understand the content and context of each review before reporting.
    • Select the most fitting reporting reason to help BBB in their assessment process.
    • Keep in mind that reporting is a request for review, not a guarantee of removal.
    • Maintain a professional and objective stance when dealing with reviews, reflecting your commitment to fair and ethical business practices.
    • Employing these comprehensive strategies helps in ensuring that your BBB profile accurately represents your business, maintaining a trustworthy and positive image.

    Understanding and adhering to the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) review guidelines is essential for maintaining a positive online reputation for your business. It’s important to ensure that the feedback on your BBB profile is authentic, relevant, and respectful, which plays a crucial role in presenting your business positively and transparently.

    You can review all of the BBB review and community guidelines here.

    Important Information About BBB Reviews and Complaints

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) plays a critical role in fostering trust between consumers and businesses. Established in 1912 as a private, nonprofit organization, BBB has been instrumental in advancing marketplace trust for over a century. It maintains Business Profiles on more than 5.4 million companies, offering a unique letter grade rating that reflects BBB’s assessment of a business’s responsiveness to customers based on various factors, including complaints filed with BBB.

    BBB Reviews

    BBB Customer Reviews are a significant aspect of its services. Consumers often rely on these reviews to choose trustworthy businesses, while businesses appreciate them for highlighting customer experiences. Unlike many review sites, BBB takes steps to ensure the integrity of these reviews. This includes validating the email address or phone number of reviewers, allowing businesses to confirm interactions, and scrubbing reviews to remove inappropriate language or personal information. Despite these measures, BBB acknowledges that it cannot always guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of every review.

    BBB Complaints

    BBB Complaints, on the other hand, are specific disputes related to marketplace issues experienced with the services or products a business provides. When a complaint is filed, BBB contacts the business for a response, adhering to its acceptance guidelines. These complaints, unlike reviews, do factor into a company’s BBB rating. The complaint process is designed to help resolve disputes and is part of BBB’s broader mission to maintain ethical business practices.

    BBB Ratings

    BBB’s Rating System is a comprehensive evaluation of how a business is likely to interact with its customers. The rating is influenced by information obtained from businesses and public data sources, including the business’s response to consumer complaints, transparency, truthful advertising, and more. In cases where BBB does not have sufficient information about a business, it may lower the business’s grade.

    BBB’s online presence,, offers free access to BBB Business Profiles and Charity Reports, supporting its mission of helping people find businesses and charities they can trust. The website also includes tools like BBB Scam Tracker and BBB AdTruth for reporting scams and questionable or deceptive ads, further contributing to consumer protection and awareness.

    The Better Business Bureau is a valuable resource for both consumers and businesses, promoting transparency and trust in the marketplace. Its various tools and services, including the handling of customer reviews and complaints, play a significant role in maintaining ethical business practices and helping consumers make informed decisions.

    How To Handle Upheld Negative BBB Reviews

    When the BBB decides to keep a negative review that you feel should have been removed, there are a few paths you can take:

    When to Consider Legal Action

    Legal Recourse for Serious Issues: If a review is defamatory or contains illegal content, legal action might be necessary. Always seek advice from a lawyer to understand your legal standing and the viability of action against the reviewer.

    When navigating the complex landscape of online reviews, particularly on platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), businesses must weigh the pros and cons of legal action against negative feedback:

    Understanding Legal Risks

    • Streisand Effect: Initiating legal proceedings against a negative review can inadvertently amplify its visibility, drawing more public attention to the issue.
    • Public Perception: Engaging in legal battles with reviewers can lead to a negative perception among the public, potentially causing more harm to the business’s reputation than the original review.
    • Cost and Time: Legal actions are not only costly but also require a significant time commitment, often without the assurance of a favorable outcome.
    • Outcome Uncertainty: The unpredictability of legal proceedings means there’s no guarantee of a successful outcome, and the process might even result in increased attention to the negative review.

    Content Removal Services

    • Expert Assistance: For businesses considering how to erase BBB reviews, professional online reputation management and content removal services can offer effective solutions.
    • Success Rates: These professionals usually have a higher success rate in dealing with online reviews due to their specialized expertise and experience.
    • Ethical Considerations: It’s crucial to choose a service that operates ethically and has a good reputation, ensuring that any actions to delete BBB reviews are carried out in a manner that respects legal and ethical boundaries.

    Foster Positive Engagement

    • Encourage Positive Reviews: Actively encouraging satisfied customers to share their positive experiences and generate more positve reviews can help offset the impact of negative reviews.
    • Build Customer Relationships: Strong customer relationships are key to generating positive feedback, which can naturally overshadow negative comments.
    • Highlight Positive Stories: Utilizing marketing and social media to showcase positive customer experiences can reinforce a positive brand image.

    While addressing negative feedback in a calm and professional manner, focusing on enhancing service quality, and encouraging positive reviews are often more effective strategies than pursuing legal action or fixating on a single negative review.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Remove BBB Reviews

    Yes, but businesses cannot directly remove reviews on BBB. The platform is designed to maintain transparency and objectivity in the feedback process. Businesses will need to follow the BBB's process and guidelines in order to have a review removed from their profile.

    BBB does not allow businesses to disable reviews on their profiles. This policy ensures that all customer feedback, both positive and negative, is available to the public.

    You can check the status of your reported review through your account on the BBB website. This allows you to stay updated on BBB’s evaluation process.

    If BBB maintains a review you reported, consider responding to it professionally, addressing any issues raised, and focusing on enhancing your services to improve future customer experiences.

    In extreme circumstances you could consider taking legal action against the reviewer or working with a reputation management company like Guaranteed Removals to expertly navigate the BBB's review removal policies and processes.

    Yes, but success rates for BBB reviews vary based on the content and circumstances of the review. For more information please contact us and our reputation management specialists will be able to discuss and understand your case in more detail.

    A BBB complaint is a formal dispute about the services or products a business provides, where the consumer seeks BBB's help to resolve a specific issue, often involving a monetary claim. The complaint process includes BBB contacting the business for a response. Reviews, on the other hand, are consumer opinions about companies based on their marketplace interactions. Reviews are not part of a company's BBB rating and are often more general in nature, not necessarily seeking resolution but sharing experiences, whether positive or negative.

    The BBB verifies reviews by validating the reviewer's email address or phone number and allowing the business to confirm an interaction with the particular consumer. This process helps ensure that reviews are based on actual customer experiences. Additionally, BBB does not allow anonymous reviews or reviews where the consumer was compensated either directly or indirectly. They also scrub reviews to remove inappropriate language or personal information before publishing. However, despite these measures, the BBB acknowledges that it cannot guarantee the accuracy or truthfulness of every review.

    If you suspect a BBB review is fake, you should contact the BBB directly. Report your concerns about the review's authenticity, providing specific reasons why you believe it's fake. The BBB will then review the information you've provided and reevaluate the review in question. It's important to provide detailed and factual information to support your claim. Remember, the BBB aims to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the reviews on its platform and delete fake BBB reviews.

    The time to address BBB reviews can vary. It depends on factors like the nature of the review, BBB’s review process, and the time taken to investigate the claims made in the review. Generally speaking it can take up to 90 days to work through all possible strategies to remove BBB reviews.

    There is no cost associated with reviews on the BBB. However, if you opt for professional reputation management services, they may charge for their expertise and assistance. The cost can range anywhere from several hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the nature of the case and number of reviews in question.

    With Guaranteed Removals, you only ever pay for reviews we are able to successfully remove.