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    How to Opt Out of

    Follow these simple steps to opt out of

    1. Visit the Website: Go to using your web browser.

    2. Search for Your Information: Use the search feature on the site to find your personal information. You can do this by entering your name and location or use your phone number in the reverse phone lookup section.

    3. Locate Your Profile: Once you find your profile, click on it to view the detailed information. Make sure it is the correct profile with your information and not just someone with the same name.

    4. Copy the URL of Your Profile: Copy the URL of the page has your information. The URL is required to identify your profile for removal.

    5. Find the Opt-Out Page: Navigate to the opt-out page on or

    411 remove find your information

    6. Paste the URL of Your Profile: On the opt-out page, you will be prompted to enter the URL of the profile you want to remove. Paste the URL you copied earlier.

    411 remove me

    7. Verify Your Identity: The site will ask you to verify your identity to ensure that you are opting out your own information and not someone else’s.

    8. Complete the Opt-Out Form: Fill in any required information on the opt-out form. You’ll need to select a reason and provide any additional information, then hit Next.

    9. Submit Your Request: After filling out the form, you’ll need to provide a phone number for Whitepages to call you and verify a code, so make sure you have your phone handy.

    10. Wait for a Call: Once you submit your request, you should receive a phone call within a few seconds. An automated voice assistant will read you the following script and will ask you to enter a 4 digit code. Here’s a copy of the transcript from one of our calls during the opt out process..

    11. Confirmation: After entering the code successfully, your opt out page will be updated with the confirmation message below.

    12. Check Back Later: Wait a bit and then head over to and do the same search as in step 2 to make sure that your information has been removed successfully. It usually only take a few minutes but can take up to 2 days sometimes.

    Remember, even after you opt out, your information might still be available on other public record or people search websites. You might need to repeat this process for other similar websites to ensure broader removal of your personal data.

    More Information About

    For more information about, check out our post here.

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