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    How to Opt Out of

    1. Visit the Website: Go to using your web browser. opt out homepage

    2. Scroll to the bottom of the homepage and select ‘Edit Your Info opt out remove my info

    3. You will be redirected to a page where you can request to edit or remove your information. 

    • Under the ‘Removing Yourself’ option, click ‘Here’ to fill out an online form. opt out remove yourself

    4. Fill out your personal information including your full name, email, and home address.

    •  Once finished click ‘Remove Yourself’ to complete the process. opt out request

    5. After submitting the online form, you will receive a confirmation that your information has been successfully removed. opt out confirmation

    What is is a popular data broker website.

    It operates primarily as a reverse phone lookup directory but also provides more detailed information with their paid service.

    Due to privacy concerns, many people prefer to remove their information from data broker sites like this., like other similar websites, sources its information from public records and other publicly available sources. 

    These types of websites aggregate information from various public records, such as phone books, property records, third-party data brokers and other publicly available sources, and make them easily accessible online.

    Why you should remove your information from

    Data brokers like collect and sell personal data, often without your consent. This can lead to an increase in unwanted marketing and inaccurate information about you being available online.

    Having personal information about yourself online can put you at greater risk of identity theft, doxxing, stalking and other forms of online and potentially physical harassment.

    Data brokers often use unclear language. They suggest that paying for detailed reports can reveal court records, lawsuits, and arrest records. This is true even if you’ve never even gotten something as meaningless as a parking ticket. These sites also sell ads to questionable advertisers. These advertisers might imply you have a legal history, even when you don’t.

    One of the major concerns with having your personal information on reverse phone lookup sites like this is that they allow unmoderated user generated comments. If your phone number was registered to someone else before you, there might be some negative comments about the previous owner, or there could even be fake or negative comments about you.

    Ultimately, it’s about having control over your own information. It’s your right to decide who has access to your details and for what purpose.

    Removing your info from data brokers is a way to regain some of that control over your digital footprint and online privacy.

    What kind of information is available on is primarily a reverse phone lookup site. The information they aggregate about people and make available online includes but is not limited to:

    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Nicknames
    • Aliases
    • Age
    • Date of Birth
    • Current Address
    • Previous Addresses
    • Current Phone Number
    • Previous Phone Numbers
    • Current Email Address
    • Previous Email Addresses
    • Relatives
    • Associates
    • Public Records
    • Property Ownership

    How did get my information?

    Sites like gather their data from a few different sources, usually blending public records with other private data that they purchase.

    • Public records: This can be anything from voter registrations, property deeds, court records, and marriage licenses.
    • Business records: Similar to public records, if you run a business, some of that information is available for anyone to lookup, these sites just bring it all together.
    • Credit Bureaus and Financial Institutions: While they don’t directly share credit history without consent, they can make some basic information available under some circumstances.
    • Telecom Companies: They get lists of subscribers from phone companies to build their databases of phone numbers and addresses.
    • Social Media and Other Online Sources: Publicly available information from social media profiles and other online platforms like LinkedIn can be scraped and aggregated.
    • Third-party Data Brokers: They can buy information from data brokers who specialize in aggregating personal data. 

    A lot of this information is what you might not realize you’re giving away when you sign up for things online. That information, depending on how it is collected, can be bought and sold in bulk. This is kind of like a less malicious version of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

    Remove your information from

    Guaranteed Removals removal

    Guaranteed Removals personal information removal service focuses on removing intrusive and unwanted profiles from the internet. Our services aim to enhance your privacy and reduce the risk of unwanted exposure online.

    There is no obligation or risk. You only pay after we permanently remove your personal information.

    Get started and take control of your online presence today.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a data broker?

    Data broker sites gather and sell your personal information. They aggregate the data to create public profiles with your contact details, job history, legal records, addresses, shopping, and financial history.

    What is is a data broker website that offers services like people search, phone lookup, address lookup, and email lookup. It provides access to public records and contact details for individuals and businesses. The site sources its information from public records, third-party data brokers, cellular operators, government resources, the internet, and other sources.

    Why is my information on

    Your information can end up on because they collect data from various sources. This includes public records like voter lists and property deeds, business records, and even basic details from credit bureaus and telecom companies.

    How did get my information?

    The info you share online without thinking too much about it or that becomes a public record while just going about your normal life can be accessed or purchased by data brokers like

    How can I remove my information from

    You can opt-out of having your personal information on You can follow our step-by-step guide here. Opt Out Guide

    Need someone to quickly remove your info from or from multiple data brokers? Guaranteed Removals offers a service just for that.

    Read more about our Personal Information Removal service here.

    How can I remove from my Google search results?

    In order to remove information from from Google search results, you’ll first need to opt out of their site and remove your information there. Check our opt out guide for that.

    Once your information has been removed from you can use Google’s Remove Outdated Content tool. Select the option “To refresh Google’s outdated result for a webpage that has changed.” Submit the link where your information was appearing on there. Google will recrawl the page to ensure the information has been removed. This can take anywhere from an hour or up to a few days depending on the site being crawled and Google’s crawlers. You can check back on the tool to see the status. Once it has finished crawling the page it should be approved and the link will no longer be included in Google search results.

    How long does it take to remove my info from

    Opting out of should only take a few minutes, but they do note that it can take up to 45 days. In most cases, your information should be removed shortly after you complete the process.

    If you run into any trouble, our team of experts is here to help.

    How much does it cost to remove my info from

    Opting out of is completely free.

    If you’re short on time or need help, Guaranteed Removals can remove your information for a small fee. We also offer a service to remove your details from all major data brokers.

    What can I do if my info comes back on

    If your info shows up again on, you might have to opt out again. Data brokers often refresh their databases, causing removed info to reappear.

    Guaranteed Removals personal information removal service includes continuous monitoring of major data brokers to remove new listings that appear.