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How to Remove Negative OpenTable Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Removing OpenTable Reviews

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to remove OpenTable reviews. This guide, part of our series on reputation management content removal and how to remove negative reviews, focuses on how individuals and businesses can effectively address and delete reviews on OpenTable that are harming their business. Recognizing the impact of online reviews on a business’s image, we provide detailed steps for evaluating, reporting, and potentially removing inappropriate reviews from your OpenTable profile.

    We guide you through identifying reviews that may violate OpenTable’s guidelines and the process for reporting them. This includes using specific icons on OpenTable for reporting, providing concise explanations, and monitoring the status of your report. We also recommend direct responses to reviews for public clarification or rectification. Understanding that OpenTable’s review system has specific constraints, such as no immediate deletion option and adherence to their guidelines, is essential. Patience is crucial in the review evaluation process.

    Key Steps for Handling OpenTable Reviews

    • Reach out to the reviewer directly
    • Assess if the review violates OpenTable’s guidelines.
    • Report inappropriate reviews using OpenTable’s designated reporting features.
    • Provide a concise explanation for the report, adhering to character limits.
    • Keep track of your report’s status, with responses expected within a specified timeframe.
    • Consider publicly responding to the review for clarification or rectification.
    • Engage with OpenTable’s support for unresolved issues.
    • Legal action is a final measure, only if necessary.

    Important Considerations

    • OpenTable does not have an instant review deletion option.
    • Only guideline-violating reviews can be reported.
    • Reporting doesn’t guarantee removal.
    • Negative but guideline-compliant feedback usually remains.
    • Patience is crucial during the review assessment process.

    For those finding it challenging to manage negative reviews or maintain their online reputation, our professional team is here to help.

    Using the Report Feature to Remove OpenTable Reviews

    To report and attempt to remove fake reviews or an inappropriate review on OpenTable, follow these steps:

    1. Locate the Review: Find the specific review you wish to report on the OpenTable platform.

    2. Review OpenTable’s Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with OpenTable’s community guidelines to understand what constitutes an inappropriate review.

    3. Report Feature: Click on the ‘Report’ button, typically found in the bottom right corner of the review.
      opentable review report button

    4. Provide a Detailed Explanation: Write a comprehensive explanation as to why the review is inappropriate, making sure to align your reasoning with OpenTable’s guidelines.
      opentable review report info box

    5. Submit the Report: After detailing your concerns, submit the report for review by OpenTable.

    6. Confirmation Message: Once submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation message from OpenTable acknowledging receipt of your report.
      opentable review report confirmation message

    This process helps ensure that reviews on OpenTable accurately reflect genuine diner experiences and adhere to the platform’s standards for appropriate content.

    Escalate Unsuccessful Reported Reviews to OpenTable Support for Removal

    To report a review on OpenTable that violates community guidelines, or that requires more of a human touch and explanation, you should escalate your efforts to OpenTable support to attempt to delete reviews. Follow these steps:

    1. Gather Information: Prepare the necessary details including the full text of the review, the date the reviewer dined at your restaurant, and your restaurant’s name and contact information.

    2. Email OpenTable: Send an email to [email protected] with the above information. Include the reason you’re requesting the review removal.

    3. Keys to Remember: Keep this information in mind from OpenTable’s support.

      OpenTable review removal information

    Important Information About OpenTable Reviews

    OpenTable, a renowned dining reservation platform, offers a comprehensive system for diners to share their experiences through reviews. After honoring a reservation, customers are invited to leave feedback either via an email link or directly through the OpenTable app and website. This process not only allows diners to express their views but also plays a crucial role in shaping the reputation of restaurants. Given this impact, it’s equally important for restaurants to understand the process for removing negative or fake reviews on OpenTable, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of their online presence.

    Writing a Review on OpenTable: The process of writing a review is straightforward. After dining, users can access their dining history on the OpenTable website or app, find their recent reservation, and proceed to rate their experience across six categories. Additional options include writing a detailed review, recommending the restaurant, and uploading photos with captions. Importantly, OpenTable has set guidelines for photo uploads to maintain a certain standard and respect privacy. For instance, photos with promotional materials, poor quality, or those including other people are not accepted.

    Editing Reviews: OpenTable provides flexibility in review management. Diners can edit their reviews at any time to reflect changes in their opinions or correct errors. This can be done via the OpenTable website or the app, depending on the diner’s preference.

    Restaurant Responses: Restaurants have the option to respond to reviews, either publicly on their OpenTable profile or privately via email. This feature is vital for restaurants to engage with diners, address any concerns, and improve the dining experience based on feedback.

    Community Standards: OpenTable emphasizes authentic and helpful reviews. Only diners who have actually visited the restaurant are eligible to write reviews. The platform encourages reviews that focus on aspects like food quality, ambiance, and service. Reviews must adhere to community standards, which include being relevant, appropriate, and free from offensive content.

    Diners’ Choice Awards: OpenTable also recognizes outstanding restaurants through its Diners’ Choice program. This is based on feedback from diners, with various categories such as Best Overall, Best Service, and Best Ambiance. Restaurants achieving these awards gain additional exposure and credibility, and they can showcase this achievement through badges and widgets on their websites and social media.

    OpenTable’s review system is a well-structured platform that facilitates a two-way communication channel between diners and restaurants. It not only allows customers to share their dining experiences but also enables restaurants to understand customer preferences better, respond to feedback, and continually improve their service. For diners looking to leave a mark on the dining landscape, and for restaurants striving to excel in their service, OpenTable’s review system serves as an essential tool so it is important to understand how to remove OpenTable reviews that don’t adhere to the platforms standards and maintain a positive rating and reputation.

    Contacting Reviewers to Delete OpenTable Reviews Privately

    The best way to remove reviews is always to resolve the customer’s complaint directly and have them delete the review themselves. This is not only a best practice in general, but it also can create more positive marketing opportunities in the future. Managing negative reviews on OpenTable requires a proactive, personalized approach, focusing on constructive and professional engagement:

    • Initiate Private Communication: Utilize OpenTable’s messaging system to contact the reviewer directly, ensuring a confidential and personal conversation about their dining experience.
    • Acknowledgment and Apology: Start the interaction by acknowledging their concerns. Offer a sincere apology for any aspects of their experience that did not meet expectations.
    • Deep Dive into the Issue: Engage deeply in the conversation to thoroughly understand their specific grievances. This process is vital for identifying appropriate solutions and gaining valuable insights.
    • Tailored Solutions: Based on the unique nature of their concerns, propose solutions or remedies. These could range from internal operational changes to reaffirming your commitment to excellence in service.
    • Encourage Review Reassessment: After addressing their concerns, politely request that they consider revising their review or delete reviews that they’ve left that you’ve been able to resolve. Highlight the significant impact their feedback has on the reputation and perception of your establishment.
    • Learning and Continuous Improvement: Treat this feedback as a critical learning opportunity. Use the insights gained to refine your service offerings and prevent similar issues in the future, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
    • Public Response Considerations: If responding publicly, craft a response that is empathetic, respectful, and demonstrates your commitment to improvement. Avoid defensive tones and focus on the positive steps being taken.
    • Follow-Up Actions: Implement the necessary changes and, where appropriate, follow up with the reviewer to inform them of the steps taken in response to their feedback.
    • Staff Training and Awareness: Use the experience as a training opportunity for your staff, ensuring they are aware of the importance of customer feedback and the role it plays in service excellence.
    • Monitoring and Adapting: Continuously monitor feedback and adapt your strategies accordingly to ensure a consistently high-quality customer experience.


    By adopting these strategies, you not only address individual concerns that can lead to the removal of negative OpenTable reviews, but also showcase your establishment’s dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service, thereby positively influencing your reputation and customer relations.

    Understand OpenTable Community Guidelines Before Attempting to Erase Reviews

    When managing reviews on OpenTable and attempting to remove OpenTable reviews, it’s essential to adhere to the platform’s content guidelines to maintain an authentic, fair, and respectful review ecosystem. 

    Here’s some important guidelines to keep in mind as you approach OpenTable reviews before you contact them or report reviews to be removed:

    1. Authenticity and Verification: Monitor for reviews that appear to be fake reviews or intentionally misleading about your restaurant. OpenTable places a high value on genuine feedback derived from real dining experiences. If a review seems fabricated or inaccurately represents your restaurant, it’s important to report it to maintain the authenticity of your profile.
    2. Identifying Conflicts of Interest: Be vigilant about reviews that may come from people with a conflict of interest, such as employees, family members, or competitors. OpenTable’s guidelines strictly prohibit biased reviews that could skew the perception of your establishment. Flagging these reviews helps ensure that all feedback is impartial and based on genuine customer experiences.
    3. Handling Inappropriate Content: It’s crucial to report any reviews that contain aggressive, offensive, or disrespectful language. This includes reviews with threats, explicit language, discriminatory remarks, or any other content that violates the principles of respectful communication. OpenTable is committed to creating a platform where interactions are civil and respectful.
    4. Focus on Actual Dining Experiences: Reviews should be grounded in real dining experiences. Speculative, irrelevant, or off-topic content that doesn’t pertain to an actual visit to your establishment should be reported. This helps keep the feedback relevant and useful to both the restaurant and potential diners.
    5. Upholding Privacy Standards: Pay attention to reviews that may inadvertently or intentionally disclose private or confidential information without consent. Such reviews should be flagged to protect individuals’ privacy and adhere to confidentiality standards.
    6. Prohibiting Promotional Material: Ensure that reviews are not being used as a platform for advertisements or promotional content. OpenTable’s policies disallow reviews that serve as a marketing tool rather than genuine customer feedback.
    7. Addressing Misidentification and Non-Representative Events: Actively report reviews that either misidentify your establishment or focus on atypical, non-representative dining experiences. This helps in ensuring that the feedback on your profile accurately reflects the typical guest experience and doesn’t mislead potential customers.

    By diligently following these comprehensive guidelines, you contribute to the integrity, accuracy, and positive portrayal of reviews on your OpenTable profile. This not only enhances the credibility of your restaurant but also ensures a trustworthy and reliable review system for the OpenTable community. Navigating these guidelines will help you to remove OpenTable reviews that violate them.

    Best Practices for Reporting:

    • Read the review carefully before reporting.
    • Select the appropriate reporting category.
    • Reporting doesn’t guarantee you will be successful and delete reviews; OpenTable will assess against its guidelines.
    • Maintain professionalism throughout the process.

    Adhering to OpenTable’s guidelines is key to effectively managing your online presence and maintaining a positive image of your business.

    Read all of the OpenTable community standards for ratings and reviews here to familiarize yourself and leverage them to remove OpenTable reviews that are harmful to your business.

    How to Handle Unwanted OpenTable Reviews That Aren't Removed

    When confronted with a persistent negative OpenTable review despite reporting efforts, it’s advisable to explore the following expanded set of strategies:

    In-Depth Legal Evaluation for Serious Cases

    • Assessing Defamation Concerns: In instances where the review appears slanderous or defamatory, it’s prudent to seek a thorough legal evaluation to ascertain the potential for a defamation claim.
    • Consulting with Legal Counsel: Engage with an experienced attorney to fully understand your legal position and the range of possible actions you can take against the reviewer or OpenTable itself. This can include understanding the nuances of defamation law and exploring various legal remedies.

    Understanding the Risks of Legal Action

    • Risk of Highlighting the Negative Review: Initiating legal proceedings might inadvertently draw more attention to the negative review, possibly doing more harm than good.
    • Impact on Public Perception: Taking legal action against reviewers could be perceived negatively by the public, potentially harming the restaurant’s image and customer relations.
    • Cost and Duration Considerations: Be aware that litigation can be a costly and time-consuming process, often stretching over an extended period.
    • Uncertainty of Legal Outcomes: There is no guarantee of success in legal actions, and such steps might attract additional unwanted attention to the negative review.

    Engaging Reputation Management Services

    • Seeking Professional Assistance: Consider enlisting expert services specializing in online reputation management to handle complex situations effectively.
    • Evaluating Effectiveness: Professionals in this field may have more sophisticated strategies and tools for navigating content removal and mitigating the impact of negative reviews.
    • Criteria for Selecting a Provider: It’s essential to ensure that any chosen service provider has a credible track record and adheres to ethical practices in reputation management.

    Promoting Positive Experiences Actively

    • Encouraging Positive Reviews: Implement strategies to incentivize and encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences online and generate more positive reviews, thereby balancing out the negative feedback.
    • Fostering Good Customer Relations: Consistently create a welcoming and enjoyable dining environment that naturally prompts customers to leave positive feedback.
    • Highlighting Positive Aspects: Actively showcase favorable testimonials, accolades, and positive customer experiences through various marketing channels to reinforce a positive image.

    Adopting a comprehensive and professional approach is essential. Focusing on improving overall customer experience and proactive positive promotion is often more impactful than fixating on addressing a single negative review. Balancing legal considerations with proactive reputation management and customer engagement strategies can provide a more effective resolution.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Remove OpenTable Reviews

    Yes, but it's not possible to directly remove a negative review on OpenTable. However, reviews that violate OpenTable's community guidelines can be reported for review. Working with experts like Guaranteed Removals who have experience navigating the review removal process can increase the likelihood that a negative OpenTable review can be removed.

    Locate the review on OpenTable, click the 'Report' button usually found at the bottom right of the review, and provide a detailed reason framed within OpenTable's guidelines.

    Unfortunately disabling all reviews on OpenTable is not an option. OpenTable encourages transparent feedback from diners. Businesses can hide reviews in their review dashboard but they will still be publicly visible on their profile.

    After reporting a review, you will receive a confirmation message. For further updates, you may need to contact OpenTable support directly.

    Report suspected fake reviews using the 'Report' feature, ensuring your report aligns with OpenTable's guidelines for review authenticity. You can also contact OpenTable support directly to provide additional supporting information.

    If a reported review is not removed and it complies with OpenTable's guidelines, it will remain visible. Consider responding to the review to clarify or rectify any concerns. You might also want to consider working with review removal specialists like Guaranteed Removals to help remove any particularly harmful or difficult OpenTable reviews.

    Guaranteed Removals can work with OpenTable's policies and guidelines to assist in removing inappropriate reviews. They leverage their experience with OpenTable's system to navigate the review removal process. Importantly, our service model is result-oriented, meaning clients only pay for reviews that Guaranteed Removals successfully removes. This approach aligns with OpenTable's standards and provides a client-focused solution for managing online reputation.

    The time to review and potentially remove a reported review on OpenTable varies and is subject to OpenTable's internal processes. Generally speaking, the process can take up to 90 days to exhaust all possible removal strategies.

    There is no cost to report or request the removal of a review on OpenTable, as it is a service provided by the platform in adherence to their guidelines. The cost of removing OpenTable reviews when working with reputation management companies, as well as through hiring an attorney, can vary. Guaranteed Removals specifically offers expertise in navigating OpenTable's policies, charging clients only for successfully removed reviews. The cost can range from hundreds to several thousand dollars depending on the case and number of reviews.

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions