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How to Remove Negative Vitals Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Removing Vitals Reviews

    Welcome to our in-depth guide on how to remove Vitals reviews from, an integral part of our series on negative content removal and review removal strategy guides. This guide is crafted to empower individuals and businesses in maintaining a positive online reputation, especially in the healthcare sector. Online reviews on platforms like can significantly influence a healthcare provider’s image. Positive feedback can enhance your professional image, while negative reviews may pose challenges.

    This guide provides clear instructions on how to assess and, if necessary, report reviews on your profile that may be inappropriate or breach the platform’s guidelines. If you encounter reviews that do not align with’s content policies, this guide will equip you with the necessary tools and strategies. Our goal is to assist you in sustaining a positive online presence, bolstering patient confidence, and ensuring your professional image is accurately portrayed on this essential healthcare review site.

    Recommended Review Reporting Steps

    To effectively handle a review on, we recommend following these steps in order:

    • Assess the review to determine if it contravenes’s guidelines.
    • Report the review using the reporting mechanism provided by
    • Offer a detailed explanation if there’s an option to do so, keeping it concise.
    • Keep track of your report’s status, will review it in their own time frame.
    • Consider responding directly to the review to publicly address or correct the situation.
    • If unresolved, follow up with’s support team.
    • Legal action should be considered only as a last resort and if it’s justified.

    Points to Keep in Mind During the Process

    • does not offer an instant “delete” option for reviews.
    • Reviews can only be reported if they breach’s guidelines.
    • Reporting a review does not guarantee its removal.
    • Negative feedback that adheres to’s policies is unlikely to be removed.
    • Patience is essential, as the review evaluation process may take time.

    If you find it challenging to manage a negative review on that you believe violates guidelines, or if maintaining your online reputation is becoming overwhelming, our team of professionals is here to provide assistance and guidance.

    Remove Vitals Reviews by Flagging Unwanted Reviews

    1. Claim Your Profile on To effectively manage and address negative reviews, first claim your physician profile on Click on the “Claim your profile” link at the top of the page and follow the instructions provided to complete the process.

    webmd claim profile

    2. Login to Your Profile: Log in to your claimed physician profile on This access allows you to oversee your reviews and initiate actions to address any negative feedback.

    3. Identify Inappropriate Reviews: Look for reviews that may violate Vitals’ guidelines. These include reviews that are offensive, malicious, fake reviews, inappropriate, sexually explicit, not made in good faith, written for someone else, written by an employee, containing third-party names, or promotional in nature.

    4. Evaluate the Review: Determine if the review violates’s guidelines, which could justify its removal. review guidelines

    5. Gather Evidence: If the review is false or misleading, compile evidence to support your claim.

    6. Report the Review: Use the ‘Report’ feature on to flag the review for violation of site policies.

    7. Provide Details: In your report, explain why the review should be removed, citing specific violations.

    8. Maintain HIPAA Compliance: Always ensure that your responses and actions comply with HIPAA rules, especially when publicly addressing any review.

    Follow Up: If necessary, follow up with’s support for updates on your report.

    Escalating Reviews to Vitals Support for Removal

    If your attempt to report a review on does not lead to its removal, or if you need additional support, you can directly contact Vitals for a more focused approach. Here are the steps you can follow:

    1. Email Support: Reach out to’s support team via email. While the specific email address for Vitals support might not be publicly listed, you can usually find a contact email in the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Help’ section of their website.

    2. Use the Contact Form: provides a contact form on their website. This form allows you to describe your issue in detail and ask for further assistance regarding review management.

    3. Phone Support: If Vitals offers phone support, calling their customer service might be an effective way to directly discuss your concerns with a representative. Check for any listed customer service or support phone numbers.
      Vitals feedback form

    4. Consult the Help or FAQ Section: has an FAQ section that offers additional information on how to address concerns if the standard review reporting process does not resolve your issue.

    5. Reach Out via Social Media: Contacting Vitals through their social media channels can sometimes elicit a faster response. Look for Vitals on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

    6. Send a Physical Letter: If you prefer a more formal approach you could send a letter to their corporate office or headquarters, expressing your concerns in detail.

      Their corporate headquarters shared with WebMD can be reached at:

      395 Hudson Street
      3rd Floor
      New York, NY 10014

    When reaching out to Vitals, remember to provide comprehensive information about the review in question and any previous steps you’ve taken to report it. This will assist their support team in understanding your situation more clearly and offer you the most suitable assistance.

    Hiding Fake Reviews, distinct from most large physician review sites, previously offered a unique feature to healthcare providers: the ability to suppress up to two negative reviews. This functionality was not widely advertised by Vitals, and the company had not publicly explained the rationale behind offering this option. The feature was particularly beneficial for physicians wanting to remove invalid reviews, such as those posted by terminated employees or former partners.

    Here’s how the process worked:

    1. Identifying and Suppressing Reviews: Physicians could identify a negative review they wished to suppress and simply click “HIDE” under the pencil icon on their profile. This action removed the review from public view, although it remained accessible in the physician’s reputation management portal. This allowed for the possibility of making the review visible again if desired.

    2. Limitations on Suppression: Only two reviews could be hidden at any given time. This required strategic thinking, especially for physicians with multiple negative reviews. Recommended criteria for hiding reviews included those likely written by ex-employees or competitors, reviews divulging personal information about the physician, and particularly negative reviews that were over a year old.

    3. Management of Current Negative Reviews: For more recent negative reviews, it was often advised to address them directly rather than hide them. Responding to a review could involve acknowledging the patient’s concerns and expressing a commitment to improve based on the feedback.

    4. Dashboard Notifications: Once two reviews were suppressed, Vitals would not permit the removal of additional reviews. Physicians would be alerted of reaching this limit through a red warning box at the top of the dashboard.

    5. Unhiding Reviews: If a physician needed to hide a new, particularly negative review but had already suppressed two, they would need to ‘unhide’ one of the previously hidden reviews. This was done by clicking the SHOW link on the review management dashboard. The system did not allow more than two reviews to be hidden, regardless of whether premium services were purchased through Vitals.


    It’s important to note that Vitals has since discontinued this option. However, it’s conceivable that Vitals may reintroduce this feature or similar functionalities in the future. Understanding these past practices can be beneficial when negotiating with Vitals’ support team about the removal of a review, providing context and rationale for why certain reviews may warrant special consideration for removal. This insight into Vitals’ evolving policies underscores the dynamic nature of online review management and the importance of maintaining proactive, positive engagement with patient feedback.

    Important Information About Reviews is a prominent online platform that provides patients with comprehensive information about healthcare providers, including physician profiles, ratings, and patient reviews. Historically it was one of the easiest review platforms to work with and was a preferred review site for physicians ahead of competitors like Healthgrades and WebMD.

    Acquisition by Internet Brands

    In a strategic move, was acquired by Internet Brands, a significant player in the digital space known for owning and operating a diverse portfolio of online platforms. Internet Brands’ acquisition of aligns with its broader mission to offer comprehensive and reliable online resources across various sectors. Internet Brands is also the owner of WebMD, a leading health information website, and Avvo, a prominent legal services review site, among others.

    The acquisition by Internet Brands has integrated into a larger family of websites that focus on providing authoritative, user-centric information and reviews. Being part of a larger network of sites like WebMD and Avvo, benefits from shared expertise in online content management, user experience design, and digital marketing.

    Implications of the Acquisition

    The acquisition of by Internet Brands has unfortunately had several implications that have resulted in a worse review experience for doctors online as Vitals has adopted the same review removal processes as WebMD, diluting both platforms and making them more frustrating for patients and doctors alike. We’ll go over some of the ways that you can remove reviews that have changed since the acquisition along with some strategies you might be able to leverage that existed prior to the acquisition by Internet Brands.

    Contacting the Reviewer Directly to Remove Vitals Reviews

    Navigating negative reviews on demands a thoughtful and proactive approach, particularly given its influence in the healthcare industry. Here’s a guide on how to address feedback constructively and professionally, showcasing your commitment to resolving issues:

    • Initiate Private Contact: If possible, reach out to the reviewer privately, perhaps through any direct messaging features may offer. Aim for a personal conversation about their experience and review.
    • Acknowledge and Apologize: Begin by acknowledging their concerns and apologizing for any negative experiences they might have had. This gesture demonstrates your dedication to understanding their perspective and willingness to improve.
    • Understand Their Concerns: Engage in an open dialogue to fully grasp their issues. Gaining this understanding can help you tailor a resolution that directly addresses their specific feedback.
    • Propose a Resolution: Offer a solution that is considerate of their individual situation. This could involve addressing their concerns through internal changes, reiterating your commitment to high standards of care, or other appropriate actions.
    • Discuss Review Modification: After addressing their concerns, gently inquire if they would consider revising or removing their review. Highlight how their feedback influences the perception of your practice or healthcare services. The reviewer choosing to remove their own review is the best way to ensure that you can permanently delete Vitals reviews.
    • Learn and Improve: View each review as an opportunity for growth. Reflect on the feedback to better your services and prevent similar issues in the future.


    Engaging with reviewers on in this manner not only has the potential to change an individual’s perspective but also demonstrates to patients and colleagues your genuine commitment to providing quality healthcare. This approach can transform a negative experience into a constructive narrative, thereby enhancing your professional reputation while also providing a pathway to erase Vitals reviews.

    Evaluating Vitals Reviews in Accordance with Community Guidelines

    When attemptong to remove reviews on, it’s crucial to align with the platform’s community guidelines to address reviews that may not meet the standards set for appropriate content. Here’s a guide to using these tools effectively, in line with’s policies:


    1. Review for Authenticity: If a review contains false or misleading information about your healthcare services, report it. values accuracy and expects reviews to reflect genuine patient experiences.
    2. Conflicts of Interest: Flag any review you suspect is from someone with a conflict of interest, such as employees or competitors. Such reviews are against’s guidelines.
    3. Inappropriate Content: Reviews with aggressive, offensive, or disrespectful content, including threats, explicit language, or discriminatory remarks, should be reported as they violate’s commitment to respectful discourse.
    4. First-Hand Experience: Reviews on should be based on actual patient experiences. Report reviews that are speculative or do not reflect a direct personal account.
    5. Privacy Protection: Reviews must not share private or confidential information without consent. Report any review that compromises privacy as per’s guidelines.
    6. Promotional Content: Reviews should not contain promotional material or serve as advertisements.’s guidelines restrict content that deviates from genuine patient feedback.
    7. Misidentification: If a review intended for another healthcare provider is posted on your profile, report it as ‘for the wrong business’ to maintain the relevance of feedback on your profile.
    8. Non-Representative Events: aims to capture the typical patient experience. Reviews focusing on atypical events should be flagged if they do not represent the standard patient experience.


    Best Practices for Reporting

    • Read the review carefully before reporting.
    • Choose the most applicable reporting category.
    • Understand that reporting a review does not guarantee its removal; will assess the content against its guidelines.
    • Maintain professionalism throughout the reporting process.


    Applying’s community guidelines is essential for managing your online presence effectively. Ensuring reviews on your page are accurate and respectful helps maintain a positive image of your healthcare services on the platform.

    You can review all of’s content guidelines here.

    Addressing Vitals Reviews That Remain After Attempting Removal

    When a negative review on persists even after you’ve reported it and followed appropriate steps for removal, consider the following strategies:

    Legal Evaluation for Critical Cases

    • Defamation Concerns: If the review is slanderous or potentially illegal, you might contemplate legal options.
    • Legal Counsel: Consult with an attorney to understand your legal position and the feasibility of action against the reviewer or

    Risks of Legal Proceedings

    • Undesired Attention: Legal efforts to remove content can create a Streisand Effect siutation and inadvertently draw more attention to the negative review.
    • Public Image Considerations: Legal actions against reviewers can be perceived negatively and might further harm your reputation.
    • Cost and Time: Litigation can be expensive and lengthy.
    • Outcome Uncertainty: There is no certainty of a favorable outcome in legal actions, and such efforts may bring more focus to the negative review.

    Reputation Management Services

    • Professional Assistance: Services like ours can offer expertise in managing your online reputation and navigating content removal in line with platform guidelines.
    • Effectiveness: Skilled professionals may have a higher success rate in handling content removal.
    • Choosing a Provider: Ensure any service you engage with is credible and follows ethical practices.

    Promoting Positive Experiences

    • Encourage Positive Reviews: Motivate satisfied patients to share their positive experiences to generate more five star reviews, which can lessen the impact of negative reviews.
    • Build Strong Patient Relationships: Foster a healthcare environment that naturally leads to positive feedback.
    • Highlight Success Stories: Utilize your communication channels to showcase positive patient testimonials and healthcare success stories.

    When attempting to remove Vitals reviews dealing and other negative feedback on, a balanced and professional approach is crucial. Often, focusing on enhancing patient care and promoting positive experiences is more beneficial than fixating on a single adverse review.

    Frequently Asked Questions about how to Remove Vitals Reviews

    Yes, but you cannot directly remove a review from Vitals. Reviews can only be removed by if they violate the platform's guidelines or if the reviewer decides to remove them. Working with experts like Guaranteed Removals can help to ensure all possible strategies for removing Vitals reviews are deployed to maximize your odds of a successful removal.

    You can report a review on by using the platform's reporting mechanism, usually found near the review itself. Ensure the review breaches the platform's content guidelines before reporting.

    No, disabling all reviews on your Vitals profile is not an option. is designed to allow patients to share their experiences and feedback. If you have a fraudulent profile and are not a medical professional or practitioner you may be able to request that the profile be removed.

    The status of a reported review may not be directly trackable. will review reported content and make a decision, but they may not provide regular updates on the review status.

    If you aren't able to delete reviews that you believe violate their guidelines you can attempt to escalate the issue to their support. If does not remove a reported review, it likely means the review does not violate their guidelines or they have interpreted their guidelines in a different way. In such cases, consider responding to the review professionally or seeking assistance from reputation management services like Guaranteed Removals.

    Guaranteed Removals has over a decade of experience working with review platforms and has helped thousands of clients remove reviews and remove unwanted reviews. Our experts leverage every possible strategy to remove Vitals reviews. Their expertise and experience can ensure that if a review can potentially be removed, it will be.

    How long does it take to address Vitals reviews?

    The time it takes to erase Vitals reviews can vary. Reporting and review by may take some time, and there is no guaranteed timeframe for resolution but the typical timeline generally takes up to 90 days to exhaust all possible strategies.

    There is no direct cost associated with reporting or addressing a review on However, if you choose to engage professional reputation management services like Guaranteed Removals, costs will vary based on the services provided ranging from hundreds to several thousand dollars. The good news is that with Guaranteed Removals, you only ever pay for what we're able to successfully remove.

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions