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How to Remove Negative Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Remove Reviews

    Welcome to our essential guide on how to remove reviews. This is part of our series dedicated to unwanted content removal and fake review removal strategies. These strategies empower individuals and businesses to effectively handle their online reputation. Reviews, whether positive or negative, significantly influence a business’s public image. Positive reviews can bolster your brand, while negative ones can present challenges. It’s essential to understand how to address these comments on a platform as influential as to maintain your business’s online reputation.

    In this guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on assessing and, if needed, reporting reviews on to remove negative or fake reviews from your profile. If you encounter unwanted reviews on, this guide equips you with the necessary tactics and tools to utilize their content guidelines to your advantage and erase reviews. Our goal is to help you sustain a positive online presence, enhance consumer trust, and ensure your business is accurately represented on this key review platform.

    Recommended Steps to Erase Reviews

    • Try to address the review poster’s concerns directly, if possible.
    • Assess the Review: Determine if the review breaches’s guidelines.
    • Use the reporting feature on, typically indicated by a flag or report icon.
    • Provide details and to include a written explanation with supporting information.
    • Monitor the Report: will generally respond within a few business days.
    • Consider publicly addressing the review to clarify or correct any issues.
    • If the issue isn’t resolved, reach out to support.
    • Consider Legal Action as a Last Resort: Only if it’s absolutely necessary and justified.

    Keep in Mind During the Process

    • may not offer an immediate option to delete reviews.
    • Only reviews that violate the platform’s guidelines can be removed.
    • Reporting a review doesn’t guarantee its removal.
    • Negative feedback adhering to policies and guidelines usually won’t be removed.
    • Patience is key as the review evaluation process might take some time.

    If removing negative reviews on is challenging, particularly those you believe violate the platforms guidelines, or if managing your online reputation is overwhelming, our team of professionals at Guaranteed Removals is here to help. We offer specialized assistance in navigating these situations.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Remove Reviews

    To report fake reviews or reviews that violate community standards and remove reviews, follow these steps:

    1. Locate the Review: Find the review you believe is fake or violates the community standards on the profile.

    2. Click ‘Report Abuse’: Next to the review in question, there should be a “Report Abuse” button. Click on this button to initiate the reporting process. flag

    3. Fill Out the Form: After clicking ‘Report Abuse’, you’ll likely be prompted to fill out a form. Provide as much detail as possible about why you believe the review is fake or inappropriate. report form

    4. Submit the Report: Once you’ve filled out the form, submit it. This will send your report to the Martindale-Hubbell team for review.

    5. Wait for a Response: After reporting, Martindale-Hubbell will review your report and determine if the review violates their policies. If they find it does, they may remove the review.

    Remember, while you can report a review you believe is fake or violates standards, the final decision to remove a review rests with Martindale-Hubbell. They will review the report and take action in accordance with their policies.

    Escalate Fake Reviews to Martindale Support

    If reporting the review didn’t result in the review removal you can contact their support team directly. Here’s how you can do this:

    1. Email Review Support: You can contact directly at [email protected] for support with reviews and ratings.

    2. Call Review Support: You can reach support for at 1.800.526.4902 to speak with someone directly and explain the issue.

    3. Direct Mail to Depending on your preference and the nature of your inquiry you might want to send a physical letter about the review. You can contact by mail at MH Sub I, LLC, Privacy Office, 909 N. Pacific Coast Highway, 11th Floor, El Segundo, California 90245 U.S.A.

    4. Prepare Your Inquiry: Before contacting support, ensure you have all relevant information ready. This includes details about your issue, any relevant account information, and specific questions you need answers to.

    5. Reach Out: Using your chosen method, contact the support team. Be clear and concise in your communication to ensure a prompt and accurate response.

    6. Follow Up: If your issue is not resolved in the initial interaction, don’t hesitate to follow up for further assistance.

    Remember, the support team is there to help with various issues related to Whether it’s a technical problem, a question about your account, or a concern about a fake review, reaching out directly to their support can often provide quick and effective solutions that aren’t possible through their generic report feature.

    Suppression: Hide All Reviews

    In certain circumstances, attorneys have the ability to suppress their client reviews on When this option is exercised, it results in the removal of all scores and written feedback associated with their profile. In place of these reviews, a notice is displayed indicating that the lawyer has opted not to show the reviews provided by their clients. review suppression

    To initiate the suppression of reviews, attorneys must directly contact the Customer Support team at Martindale-Hubbell. This team will guide them through the process and execute the suppression upon request. It’s important to note that this action is a broader step than addressing individual reviews, as it affects all reviews on the attorney’s profile.

    Important Information about Reviews, managed by Martindale-Hubbell, offers marketing services for attorneys and operates under the legal divison of Internet Brands, a company that also owns Avvo, a popular lawyer review platform. This connection raises concerns for lawyers about how much these companies influence their online reputations.

    The main worry is the possible conflict of interest. and Avvo are key places where clients find and review lawyers. Since both are under one company’s control, there’s a fear that this could unfairly impact how lawyers are presented or reviewed, depending on whether they use these services for marketing.

    Also, having these major platforms under a single company could give too much power to Internet Brands in the legal market. Lawyers depend a lot on online reviews for new clients. If one company dominates this space, it might unfairly shape how lawyers are seen and chosen by the public. This could pressure lawyers to engage more with these platforms, which might lead to less competition and variety in legal services.

    Another issue is privacy and data control. Both and Avvo collect a lot of information about lawyers and their clients. There are concerns about how this information is protected, used, or shared. Lawyers have to keep client information confidential, so how these platforms handle data is a big deal.

    In simple terms, the marketing operations of and Avvo by Internet Brands, offering both marketing and review services, is worrying for lawyers. It brings up issues about possible bias, too much control over their online image, and privacy of data. This situation shows the increasing role of online platforms in professional fields and the need for clear, fair practices in digital marketing and managing online reputations.

    Navigating Negative Reviews on A Constructive Approach

    Effectively managing negative reviews on requires a tactful and personal approach. Demonstrating your commitment to resolving issues can enhance your professional reputation. Here are steps to engage constructively and professionally with feedback:

    • Initiate Private Contact: Use’s communication features to directly contact the reviewer. Aim for a personal and understanding discussion about their experience.
    • Acknowledge and Apologize: Begin by acknowledging their concerns and apologizing for any shortcomings in their experience. This demonstrates your commitment to understanding and resolving issues.
    • Understand the Issue: Have an open dialogue to fully grasp their concerns. This understanding will help you develop a resolution that directly addresses their specific feedback.
    • Propose a Resolution: Offer a solution tailored to their situation, whether it involves internal changes, reaffirming your firm’s commitment to client satisfaction, or other relevant actions.
    • Encourage Review Revision: After addressing their issues, politely suggest they might consider updating or retracting their review, emphasizing how their feedback impacts your firm’s reputation.
    • Learn and Improve: Use this feedback as an opportunity for growth. Reflect on the critique to enhance your services and prevent similar issues in the future.


    By proactively engaging with reviewers, you not only address individual concerns but also demonstrate to all clients your genuine dedication to providing a positive and responsive legal service. This approach can transform a negative review into a positive narrative, ultimately strengthening your firm’s reputation on

    Using Review Guidelines to Delete Negative Reviews

    When managing reviews on, it’s vital to align with the platform’s community guidelines to address content that may not meet appropriate standards. Here’s how to effectively use these guidelines in assessing and reporting reviews on

    1. Review for Authenticity: If a review contains false or misleading information about your legal services, it should be reported. values accuracy and expects reviews to represent genuine client experiences.
    2. Identify Conflicts of Interest: Flag any review that may come from someone with a conflict of interest, such as people associated with competing law firms, as this is prohibited by’s guidelines.
    3. Monitor for Inappropriate Content: Report reviews containing aggressive, offensive, or disrespectful content, including threats, explicit language, or discriminatory remarks. commits to maintaining a respectful discourse.
    4. Ensure First-Hand Experience: Reviews should be based on actual client experiences. Speculative reviews or those not reflecting a direct personal experience with your services should be reported.
    5. Uphold Privacy Protections: Reviews must not disclose private or confidential information without consent. Report any review that violates privacy as per’s guidelines.
    6. Avoid Promotional Content: Reviews shouldn’t contain promotional material or advertisements. Content deviating from genuine, legal service-related feedback should be flagged.
    7. Correct Misidentification: If a review intended for another firm is posted on your profile, report it as ‘for the wrong business’ to maintain accurate feedback relevance.
    8. Address Non-Representative Events: Reviews focusing on atypical or exceptional events, if not representative of the standard client experience, should be flagged.

    Best Practices for Reporting Reviews on

    • Read the review thoroughly before reporting.
    • Select the most appropriate category for reporting.
    • Understand that reporting doesn’t guarantee removal; will review the content against its guidelines.
    • Always maintain professionalism during the reporting process.

    Adhering to’s community guidelines is essential for effectively managing your online presence. Ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of reviews on your profile helps maintain a positive and professional image of your law firm.

    You can find more information about’s client reviews here.

    Addressing Difficult Reviews: A Strategic Approach

    When a negative review on persists after reporting it and following our recommended steps, consider these alternative approaches:

    Legal Evaluation for Serious Cases

    • Defamation Concerns: If the review contains slanderous or illegal content, exploring legal avenues might be necessary.
    • Legal Counsel: Consult with an attorney to understand your legal position and the possibility of action against the reviewer or

    Risks of Legal Proceedings

    • Undesired Attention: Legal efforts to remove content can unintentionally bring more attention to the negative review through the Streisand Effect.
    • Public Perception: Taking legal action against reviewers can be viewed negatively and may further harm your reputation.
    • Cost and Time: Legal processes can be expensive and lengthy.
    • Uncertain Outcome: There’s no guarantee of a favorable result, and legal action could draw more attention to the negative review.

    Reputation Management Services

    • Professional Assistance: Guaranteed Removals specializes in online reputation management services and offers expertise in addressing and removing content while adhering to platform guidelines.
    • Effectiveness: Experienced professionals often have greater success in navigating content removal.
    • Selecting a Service: Ensure the reliability and ethical standards of any reputation management service you consider.

    Promoting Positive Client Experiences

    • Encourage Positive Reviews: Urge satisfied clients to share their positive experiences to generate more positive reviews, which can lessen the impact of negative reviews.
    • Foster Good Relationships: Create a client-focused environment that naturally promotes positive feedback.
    • Showcase Successes: Use your firm’s communication channels to highlight positive client testimonials and success stories.

    When attempting to erase reviews and handling negative feedback, adopting a balanced and professional strategy is crucial. Often, it’s more beneficial to focus on enhancing client relations and promoting positive experiences rather than dwelling on a single negative review.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Remove Reviews

    Yes, but you cannot directly remove a review from your profile. Reviews can only be removed by the person who posted the review or by if they violate the site’s community guidelines. This is why it is important to ensure you frame your removal attempts within's policies and guidelines. Working with specialists like Guaranteed Removals with experience removing reviews from can help maximize the chances that a negative review will be removed.

    To report a non-compliant review, use the ‘Report’ feature on the review itself on You'll need to specify the reason for reporting, aligning with the site’s guidelines. You can also reach out to their support team directly.

    Yes, disabling all reviews on your profile is possible. The site is designed to provide clients with honest feedback about legal services, which includes both positive and negative reviews,  but you can contact Martindale-Hubbell support directly to suppress all reviews. This will create a warning that you have suppressed the option for client reviews and will be visible on your profile.

    You can check the status of a reported review by contacting’s support team. They can provide updates on the review moderation process.

    If a reported review is not removed, it likely means it does not violate the site's guidelines. In this case, consider responding professionally to the review or focusing on obtaining more positive reviews to balance it. You can also try to escalate your requests based on our guide, or seek the assistance of reputation management specialists like Guaranteed Removals to help remove reviews.

    Guaranteed Removals has helped thousands of clients with fake or unwanted reviews and can help you remove reviews. Our team of specialists are able to use their experience and expertise to ensure that all possible strategies and opportunities for removal are maximized. Best of all, you only pay for reviews that we are able to successfully remove on your behalf.

    The time it takes to remove a review from can vary. Once a review is reported, it undergoes an evaluation process which can take several business days. Generally speaking it can take up to 90 days to fully work through all possible removal strategies and remove a review.

    There is no cost associated with reporting and removing a review that violates’s guidelines. However, if you engage with a reputation management service such as Guaranteed Removals, we do charge for our services and the cost can range from hundreds to several thousand dollars depending on the case and number of reviews, but you only ever pay for reviews that we are able to successfully remove.