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Remove Negative RateMDs Reviews

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Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Removing RateMDsReviews

Welcome to our guide on how to remove negative RateMDs reviews, a part of our negative content removal strategy and review removal strategies series. RateMDs reviews provide patients with insights and experiences about healthcare providers, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their medical care. This guide is designed for individuals and businesses looking to manage their online reputation. Online reviews significantly impact a business’s image, and understanding how to handle them on RateMDs is key to maintaining a good online reputation.

We provide specific instructions for evaluating and, if necessary, reporting inappropriate reviews on your RateMDs profile. It’s essential for dealing with reviews that breach RateMDs content guidelines, offering tools and tactics to maintain a positive online presence, build consumer confidence, and ensure accurate portrayal on this vital review site.

Recommended RateMDs Review Reporting Steps:

  • Assess the review for violations of RateMDs guidelines.
  • Use RateMDs reporting features to flag the review.
  • Provide a concise explanation if prompted.
  • Monitor the report’s status, anticipating a response from RateMDs.
  • Consider publicly responding to the review for clarity or correction.
  • Contact RateMDs support for unresolved issues.
  • Legal action should be a last resort.

Key Points:

  • RateMDs does not have an instant review removal feature.
  • Only guideline-violating reviews can be reported.
  • Reporting does not guarantee removal.
  • Compliant negative feedback is usually not removed.
  • Patience is crucial during the review process.
  • If managing your online reputation or dealing with guideline-violating reviews is challenging, our professional team is available to assist.

Remove RateMDs reviews by Reporting Them

To flag and report a review on RateMDs, follow these steps:

1. Locate the Review: Find the review you want to flag on the RateMDs platform.

ratemds review

2. Click “Flag”: Underneath the review entry, click on the “Flag” option.

ratemds review flag

3. Select a Reason: A dialog box will appear. In this box, select a reason for flagging the review. Options include Profanity, Private Information, Spam, Wrong Provider, or Other.

ratemds review report reasons

4. Provide Additional Information: You can also include more information in the provided box to explain why you believe the review should be removed.

ratemds review report info

5. Respect Privacy: Remember not to identify the reviewer as a patient or share any information that could violate the patient’s privacy.

By following these steps, you can effectively flag a review for moderation by the RateMDs team if you believe it violates their terms of service.

Paying RateMDs to Remove Reviews

RateMDs offers additional support for users who subscribe to their Promoted and Promoted Plus accounts, particularly in managing reviews through the “Rating Concierge” tool. While this doesn’t quite escalate to the point where doctors can simply pay to remove negative reviews that they don’t like, it opens the door for them to be able to use their wallet to get more support from RateMDs at the very least. Physicians have been vocal about their negative thoughts on these services.

Here are the key features of this paid service:

  1. Instant Notifications: Subscribers of these plans receive instant email notifications for every new rating posted on their profile. This feature ensures immediate awareness of any new feedback, allowing for prompt responses or actions.

  2. Proactive Online Reputation Management: The Rating Concierge tool is designed to help users proactively manage their online reputation. This includes handling negative reviews more effectively, providing an opportunity to address concerns or flag inappropriate reviews quickly.

  3. Automatic Enablement: For users subscribed to the Promoted and Promoted Plus plans, the Rating Concierge tool is automatically enabled. This means that these features are readily available to them without needing to activate or request additional services.

  4. Peace of Mind: The main aim of the Rating Concierge tool is to provide peace of mind to healthcare providers by keeping them informed and equipped to manage their online reputation on RateMDs.


This extra support is part of RateMDs’ effort to empower healthcare providers with more control over their online presence, ensuring they can maintain a positive image and address any issues that arise promptly.

It isn’t explicitly about removing negative RateMDs reviews, but it certainly isn’t going to hurt your case when you want to remove one if you’re a paying customer and RateMDs are by no means the only review platform that offers services like this (Yelp being the most prominent example like this).

Escalating Difficult to Erase RateMDs Reviews to Support Channels

  1. Visit RateMDs Website: Open your web browser and navigate to the RateMDs website.

  2. Locate the Contact Option: Search for the “Contact Us” option on the website. This is typically found in the website’s footer or under a menu, often labeled as “Support” or “Help”. You can also contact them by email at [email protected].

  3. Compose Your Inquiry: Once you find the contact option, prepare a message. Include detailed information about your situation, specifying the review you reported, why you believe it should be removed, and that it was not removed after reporting.

  4. Include Relevant Details: Make sure to include any relevant details or correspondence related to the review and your initial report. This can help RateMDs understand the context and respond appropriately.

  5. Submit Your Inquiry: Send your message through the available contact method. This might be an online form, an email address, or another method provided by RateMDs.

  6. Explore Social Media Channels: If the website does not provide a satisfactory response, or if you prefer a different approach, try contacting RateMDs through their social media profiles. Look for their official accounts on platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

  7. Send a Direct Message: On the chosen social media platform, send a direct message to RateMDs with the same details you included in your initial inquiry.

  8. Wait for a Response: After submitting your inquiry, wait for a response from RateMDs. The response time may vary depending on their support volume and policies.

  9. Follow Up if Necessary: If you don’t receive a response in a reasonable amount of time, consider sending a follow-up message for an update on your request.


Remember, RateMDs typically does not remove ratings unless they are against their guidelines, such as being fake or in situations where the healthcare provider is deceased. They emphasize that the site is for reporting personal experiences, so they may not erase negative RateMDs reviews solely because it is subjectively viewed as unfair.

Legal Action to Delete RateMDs Reviews

RateMDs has a specific policy regarding demand letters sent by individuals or legal representatives who dispute the content of reviews on their platform. It is highly advised not to engage directly with RateMDs through attorneys. Here’s a summary of their stance and why you might want to save your money on legal fees:

  • No Acceptance of Demand Letters: RateMDs explicitly states that they do not accept demand letters. This policy is based on their position that it is not their role to determine the truthfulness or falsity of a review.

  • Verification Limitations: The platform acknowledges that it cannot verify the accuracy of a patient’s description of interactions with their healthcare provider in a private setting or the patient’s subjective rating of that experience.

  • Subjective Fairness Not a Basis for Removal: RateMDs does not remove reviews solely based on a user’s claim that the review is subjectively unfair. They emphasize that disputing the truth of a review does not inherently make it false.

  • Advice for Libel Claims: If an individual is convinced that they have been libeled in a review, RateMDs suggests consulting with an attorney about filing a Doe subpoena, which can be a legal pathway to address defamatory content.


RateMDs uses this as evidence of its commitment to maintaining the authenticity of reviews on their platform, emphasizing that they focus on upholding the freedom of expression of patients while navigating the complexities of online reviews and personal healthcare experiences. Business owners and healthcare practitioners tend to disagree with that perspective.

Addressing Negative RateMDs Reviews Constructively

When handling negative RateMDs reviews, a thoughtful approach involving personal interaction is beneficial. This demonstrates commitment to resolving issues:

  • Private Contact: Reach out to the reviewer via RateMDs messaging system for a personal discussion about their review.
  • Acknowledge and Apologize: Recognize their concerns, and apologize for any issues they’ve experienced, showing your dedication to understanding and resolution.
  • Understand the Concern: Have an open conversation to grasp their issues, enabling you to tailor a solution effectively. Taking the time to listen to their concerns is the first step in reaching a resolution. 
  • Propose a Solution: Offer a productive solution specific to their situation, whether it involves internal adjustments or reaffirming your practice’s values.
  • Review Update: After addressing their concerns, kindly ask if they’d consider updating or removing their review, noting its impact on your practice’s image. Sometimes a constructive conversation will encourage the reviewer to change their initial opinion. 
  • Learn and Improve: Use the feedback as an opportunity for improvement to enhance future services and prevent similar issues.

Engaging proactively with reviewers can change perspectives, enhancing your practice’s reputation through demonstrated commitment to positive patient experiences.

Ensure RateMDs Reviews Align with Community Guidelines

When addressing RateMDs reviews, it’s essential to align with the platform’s guidelines to manage content appropriately. Consider these steps:

  1. Authenticity Check: Report reviews with false or misleading information, as RateMDs values accurate, genuine experiences.
  2. Conflict of Interest: Report reviews suspected to be from biased parties. Flag reviews suspected to be from insiders or competitors.
  3. Inappropriate Content: Reviews with offensive language or disrespectful content should be reported, upholding RateMDs commitment to respectful discourse.
  4. First-Hand Experience: Ensure reviews are based on actual experiences, not speculation. RateMDs expects reviews to reflect direct, personal experiences. Flag speculative or second-hand accounts.
  5. Privacy Concerns: Report any review violating privacy or sharing confidential information. Reviews sharing private information without consent must be reported to safeguard privacy.
  6. Non-Promotional: Reviews should not contain advertisements or promotional material. Flag reviews containing advertisements or promotional material.
  7. Misidentification: Flag reviews posted for the wrong business. If a review is intended for another business, report it to maintain the relevance of your profile.
  8. Typical Experiences: RateMDs aims to reflect standard experiences; atypical event reviews may be flagged.

Apply these guidelines to effectively manage your online presence, ensuring that reviews on your profile are accurate and respectful. 

Maintain professionalism and choose the most relevant reporting category. Reporting a review does not guarantee its removal; RateMDs will evaluate it against their guidelines.

You can review all of RateMDs review content guidelines here.

Managing Tough RateMDs Reviews That Aren't Removed

When a negative RateMDs review persists after reporting, consider these strategies:

Legal Evaluation for Severe Cases

  • Defamation Concerns: If the review is slanderous or illegal, legal consultation might be necessary.
  • Legal Counsel: Seek legal advice to understand your options and the feasibility of action against the author or RateMDs.

Risks of Legal Proceedings

  • Unwanted Attention: Legal action can unintentionally draw more attention to the negative review (Streisand Effect).
  • Public Image: Legal actions against reviewers might be viewed negatively and impact your reputation.
  • Cost and Time: Litigation is often expensive and lengthy.
  • Outcome Uncertainty: Legal action doesn’t guarantee removal and might highlight the negative review.

Reputation Management Service

  • Professional Help: Consider services like ours for expert online reputation management service.
  • Effectiveness: Professionals may have more success in navigating content removal.
  • Provider Selection: Ensure the service’s credibility and ethical practices.

Promoting Positive Experiences

  • Encourage Positive Reviews: Inspire satisfied patients to share positive feedback to get more 5 star reviews.
  • Build Relationships: Foster a positive environment that naturally leads to good reviews.
  • Highlight Successes: Showcase positive testimonials and patient stories through your communication channels.

Frequently Asked Questions about how to remove Negative RateMDs reviews

Yes, but you cannot directly remove a review. Only the reviewer can remove their own review or RateMDs content team can remove reviews if they violate guidelines or terms of service. This is why it is essential to work with specialists like Guaranteed Removals to ensure you are doing everything you can to leverage why a review should be removed based on RateMDs own policies.

Flag the review through RateMDs reporting feature, providing a concise explanation if needed.

RateMDs does not offer an option to disable all reviews on a profile. The only option like this is if a fake profile has been created for someone who is not a medical practitioner.

Monitor the report's status through your RateMDs account or contact their support for updates.

If a review complies with RateMDs guidelines, it may not be removed. Consider alternative approaches like responding to the review or improving services. You can also reach out to experts or service providers like Guaranteed Removals for assistance.

Guaranteed Removals are content removal experts who will be able to navigate the review removal process with years of experience on their side to appropriately navigate the process and maximize your chances of having a negative review removed. Guaranteed Removals also provide expertises in managing your online reputation and navigating content removal within RateMDs guidelines.

The time frame can vary; RateMDs will review and respond to reports as per their procedures. Working through all of the possible avenues for removal can take up to 90 days under normal circumstances.

RateMDs does not charge for review removal; it's based on guideline compliance. Professional services may have their own fees that range anywhere from hundreds to several thousand dollars based on the number of reviews and level of support required.

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