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How to Remove Negative Facebook Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Removing Facebook Reviews

    Welcome to our professional guide on how to remove Facebook reviews, an integral part of our content removal and review removal strategy series dedicated to helping individuals and businesses control their digital presence. As we all know, online reviews are pivotal, with positive reviews bolstering your brand and negative reviews potentially hindering progress. Navigating comments on a platform as prevalent as Facebook is crucial for maintaining your company’s reputation.

    This guide delivers clear directions for assessing and, if necessary, addressing negative reviews on your Facebook Business Page. For reviews that don’t align with Facebook’s community standards, this manual provides you with the necessary strategies and steps. Our goal is to support you in maintaining a healthy online identity, fostering trust among consumers, and ensuring an accurate portrayal of your business on this essential social platform.

    Recommended Facebook Review Removal Steps

    For an effective Facebook review removal and management strategy, we recommend following these steps:

    1. Attempt direct communication with the reviewer to resolve any complaints.
    2. Review the feedback for any violations of Facebook’s community standards.
    3. Use Facebook’s option to ‘Report Post’ on the review in question.
    4. Keep track of your report’s status through your business account.
    5. Engage with Facebook support for any unresolved matters.
    6. Consider legal recourse as a final measure, if absolutely necessary.
    7. Publicly address the review, if appropriate, to offer clarification or rectification.

    Key Considerations During This Process:

    • Facebook doesn’t provide an instant removal option for individual reviews.
    • Removal is possible only if the review is retracted by the poster or if Facebook identifies a breach of standards.
    • Reporting a review doesn’t guarantee its removal.
    • Negative reviews that adhere to Facebook’s policies are generally not removed.
    • Patience is crucial; review assessments by Facebook may take time.

    Should you find addressing a negative Facebook review challenging or if managing your online reputation becomes overwhelming, our team of seasoned professionals is at your service to provide support.

    Try Contacting the Reviewer Directly to Resolve the Complaint

    Navigating through negative Facebook reviews requires tact, but direct engagement can be a highly effective method. It showcases your commitment to customer service excellence. Here’s how to handle such feedback professionally and effectively:

    1. Reach Out Privately: Utilize Facebook’s messaging feature to contact the reviewer directly from your business page. Aim for a personal, one-on-one conversation to discuss their experience.

    2. Acknowledge and Apologize: Begin your message by acknowledging their situation and offering an apology for any inconvenience caused. This demonstrates your concern and willingness to listen.

    3. Understand the Issue: Facilitate an open dialogue to fully grasp the customer’s concerns. Understanding the problem allows you to tailor a resolution that directly addresses their feedback.

    4. Offer a Resolution: Propose a remedy that is considerate of their specific complaint, such as a refund, service redo, discount on future services, or a commitment to improving service quality.

    5. Discuss Review Adjustment: After resolving the matter, politely inquire if they would be willing to update or remove their review. Convey the importance of their feedback and its influence on your business’s reputation.

    6. Learn and Evolve: Use the feedback as a learning opportunity for service enhancement. Reflect on the incident to prevent future occurrences.

    By engaging with dissatisfied customers in this way, you can not only repair an individual’s perception but also demonstrate to the broader customer base your sincere dedication to outstanding service. This strategy can turn a negative experience into a positive testament, potentially securing a lifelong patron.

    Assess the Review for Facebook's Standards Compliance

    Facebook page managers can use the platform’s reporting features in line with its content guidelines to address reviews that may be inappropriate or not meet community standards. Here is a strategy for using these tools effectively:

    1. Review for Accuracy: If a review contains false information about your business, compare it with Facebook’s standards for authenticity. Report reviews that are factually incorrect or misleading.

    2. Check for Conflicts of Interest: Reviews from individuals closely affiliated with your business or from competitors are against Facebook’s guidelines. Report any review you suspect comes from such sources.

    3. Identify Inappropriate Content: Reviews that contain threats, explicit language, or discriminatory remarks should be reported immediately, as they violate Facebook’s policies on hate speech and harmful content.

    4. Verify Personal Experience: Facebook values reviews based on genuine customer experiences. If a review is based on secondhand information or speculation, it can be reported for not adhering to the guidelines that require a personal account.

    5. Protect Privacy: Any review that shares private information or images without consent infringes on Facebook’s privacy policies. Such content should be flagged to uphold privacy rights.

    6. Spot Promotional Content: If a review contains promotional material or appears to be an advertisement, it should be reported as it breaches Facebook’s rules against self-promotion in reviews.

    7. Correct Misidentification: In the case that a review intended for another business is posted on your page, report it as ‘for the wrong business’ to ensure only relevant feedback is displayed on your page.

    8. Flag Irrelevant Extraordinary Circumstances: Reviews focusing on extraordinary events rather than the typical service offered may be flagged, as they do not reflect the standard customer experience that Facebook aims to capture in reviews.

    Best Practices

    • Read the review carefully before reporting.
    • Select the reporting category that best fits the issue.
    • Be aware that reporting a review does not guarantee its removal; Facebook will assess the report to decide if it breaches the guidelines.
    • Stay professional and impartial when handling reviews.

    Understanding and applying Facebook’s review guidelines is essential in managing your online reputation effectively. Ensure that the reviews on your page are truthful, relevant, and respectful to maintain a positive image of your business.

    Consider Disabling and Removing all of your Facebook Reviews

    Disabling all Facebook reviews can be a significant decision for a business, often considered as a last resort. Here are a few reasons why a business might opt for this:

    1. Inability to Remove Individual Reviews: As businesses cannot delete specific negative reviews on Facebook, the accumulation of such reviews could unfairly tarnish the business’s reputation. When it’s not feasible to address each negative review individually or when such reviews are unrepresentative of the business, disabling all reviews might be considered to prevent further damage.
    2. Preventing Misinformation: If a business is targeted by misinformation or false claims in multiple reviews, and these cannot be individually moderated or removed, disabling all reviews can be a way to stem the spread of such misinformation.
    3. Damage Control: In crisis situations, such as a public relations setback or a scandal, businesses might disable reviews to manage the influx of negative attention and comments until the situation is under control.
    4. Overwhelming Volume of Feedback: Some businesses might receive an overwhelming amount of feedback, both positive and negative, making it difficult to engage with or respond to reviews effectively. In such cases, turning off reviews can allow the business to reassess its strategy without the ongoing pressure of new reviews.
    5. Strategic Online Reputation Management: Sometimes, the decision to disable reviews is strategic, aiming to direct customers to other platforms where the business has more control over its online presence and narrative.
    6. Transition Periods: During times of significant change, like a major rebranding or ownership change, businesses might disable reviews to reset customer expectations and start afresh with their new identity.


    It’s important to note that while disabling reviews can be beneficial in certain scenarios, it also removes the ability for customers to leave positive feedback, which can be a valuable tool for building trust and credibility. This action should be weighed carefully against its potential impact on customer engagement and brand perception.

    To disable Facebook reviews for your business, follow these steps:

    How to Disable and Remove All Facebook Reviews

    1. Log in as an Admin: Visit your business page on Facebook. Ensure you’re logged in with an account that has admin privileges for the page.

    2. Access Settings: Locate the “Settings” button at the top-right corner of your page and click on it.

    Facebook Reviews Settings

    3. Navigate to Privacy: In the settings menu, find “Privacy” on the left-hand side and select it.

    Facebook Reviews Settings Privacy

    4. Page and Tagging: Within “Privacy” click on “Page and tagging.”

    Facebook Reviews Settings Privacy Page and Tagging

    5. Disable Reviews: Look for the ‘Show Reviews’ option, which will have a slider next to it. Click this slider to switch it off.

    Facebook Reviews Disable Reviews

    6. Save Changes: After disabling the reviews, make sure to save your changes.

    By following these steps, customer reviews and negative feedback will no longer be visible on your Facebook page.

    Report the Review as a Facebook User

    To report, flag, and possibly have unwanted reviews removed from your Facebook business page, you can follow these steps:

    1. Locate the Review: Navigate to the top-right of the post and select “More” (the three horizontal dots).

    Facebook review report post
    2. Report the Review: Click “Report post”

    3. Select Violation: Select why you are flagging the review (If you are unsure please refer to the section above about assessing the review for Facebook’s standards compliance).

    Facebook review violations

    4. Submit the Report: If you are sure you want to report the review, press “Submit.”

    Facebook review violations submit

    5. Report Confirmation: After you have submitted the report you will receive a confirmation message letting you know that Facebook’s technology and review team will determine if the review follows their standards or not. Hit “Next” to continue.Facebook review violations submitted

    6. Block Users: The final option here gives you the option to Block the reviewer’s posts. This won’t remove them but will prevent you from being able to see them.
    Facebook review violations submitted final

    Note that the removal process may take a while as Facebook’s team manually assesses each report. If Facebook finds that the review violates Facebook’s Community Standards, they will remove it.

    Report the Review from your Business Account

    This follows the same process as for a regular User described above. You just want to ensure that Facebook sees that it is a concern from the Business’ perspective as well as general Facebook users.

    Report the Review Poster’s User Account

    Some reviewers take things too far and while their review for your business might not appear to violate Facebooks’ standards, they might be doing so in other ways.

    To report a Facebook user profile, follow these steps:

    1. Locate the Profile: Go to the profile you wish to report. You can do this by clicking on its name in your Feed or by using the search function to find it.

    2. Find Support or Report Option: Click on the three dots to the right of the profile and select ‘Find support or report’.

    Facebook report user

    3. Provide Feedback: Click the option that best describes how this profile goes against Facebook’s Community Standards.

    Facebook user violations

    4. Submit the Report: Depending on the type of content, you may have the option to submit a report to Meta. In some cases, Facebook may not require a report submission but will use your feedback to inform their systems.

    Facebook user violations submit

    5. Report Confirmation: After you have submitted the report you will receive a confirmation message. Hit “Next” to continue.

    Facebook user violations submit confirmation

    6. Block Users: The final option here gives you the option to Block the user’s posts. This won’t remove their account or their reviews but will prevent you from being able to see them.

    Facebook user block

    Check the Status of Your Reports

    1. Access Support Inbox: If you’ve reported a violation of Facebook’s Community Standards, you can track the progress via your Support Inbox by clicking your Profile icon in the top right corner and selecting “Help & Support.”

    Facebook Review Support Inbox

    2. Access your active reports: Click “Reports about others.”

    Facebook review notifications

    3. Review Policies: Click on any report in your Support Inbox to understand more about Facebook’s policies.

    4. Cancel a Report (If Necessary): If you wish to retract a report, click on the specific report and select ‘Delete Report’. Note that this is only possible if the review hasn’t been assessed yet.

    5. Track Actions and Decisions: Your Support Inbox will show you if action has been taken on your report and inform you of the outcome.

    6. Request a Review of Decisions: In case you disagree with the decision, you can ask for a review. This might not be available for all types of content currently, but Facebook is working on expanding these options.

    Requesting Facebook Review a Decision

    Facebook Oversight Board process


    Image from Vox Media.

    1. Check Eligibility: Determine if you can appeal a content decision by Facebook to the Oversight Board.

    2. Visit Support Inbox: Go to your Support Inbox and select ‘Reports about others’.

    3. Review Decision Update: Open the notification regarding Facebook’s decision on the content you reported.

    4. Identify Oversight Board Reference: Look for a message with an Oversight Board Reference Number, which starts with “FB” followed by a sequence of 8 numbers and letters.

    5. No Reference Number: If this message is not present, you are not eligible to appeal the decision to the Oversight Board at this time.

    6. Begin Appeal Process: If you have an Oversight Board reference number, you can proceed to appeal Facebook’s content decision to the Oversight Board using this number.

    7. Visit Oversight Board Website: Follow the instructions to go to the Oversight Board’s website to initiate your appeal.

    8. Log In: Use the Facebook or Instagram account linked to the reference number to log into the Oversight Board site.

    9. Provide Details: Answer the questions presented, detailing your position and why you believe Facebook’s decision was incorrect.

    10. Submit Your Appeal: Complete and submit your appeal for review by the Oversight Board.

    11. Await Selection: Understand that the Oversight Board reviews a limited number of cases, and yours might not be selected.

    12. Check Status: You can monitor the status of your appeal on the Oversight Board’s website using your reference number.

    13. Timeframe: Remember, you have 15 days from the date of Facebook’s decision to submit your appeal. After this period, you will not be able to appeal.

    Facebook Oversight Board Timeline


    Image from Facebook Oversight Board

    For further information about the Oversight Board’s bylaws, structure, or updates, you can read more in the Facebook Newsroom.

    Navigating Upheld Negative Facebook Reviews

    When Facebook keeps a negative review you contested, consider these strategies:

    Legal Consideration When Needed

    • For Serious Issues: If the review is defamatory or contains unlawful material, you might consider legal recourse.
    • Seek Legal Advice: Consult with a lawyer to understand your position and the feasibility of action against the reviewer or Facebook.

    Consider the Risks of Legal Action

    • Streisand Effect: Legal efforts to remove a review can inadvertently draw more attention.
    • Public Perception: Legal action against a reviewer might be viewed negatively and harm your reputation further.
    • Expense and Duration: Legal proceedings can be expensive and lengthy.
    • Uncertainty: Winning is not assured, and the spotlight might intensify on the negative review.

    Content Removal Services

    • Expert Intervention: Specialists like our team at Guaranteed Removals offer experienced guidance in online reputation control and content removal, abiding by platform policies.
    • Success Rate: Professionals may have a higher success rate due to their expertise.
    • Choose Wisely: Ensure the service is reputable and follows ethical practices.

    Cultivating Positive Engagement

    • Promote Positive Sharing: Encourage content customers to post positive reviews to dilute the negative impact.
    • Customer Relationships: Foster strong connections to naturally boost positive feedback.
    • Showcase Positive Stories: Leverage your marketing to highlight positive customer experiences.

    Addressing negative feedback effectively requires calm, professional tactics. It’s often more beneficial to enhance your service quality and encourage positive reviews than to dwell on a single unfavorable critique.

    Frequently Asked Questions About how to Remove Facebook Reviews

    You cannot directly remove a review, but you can report it to Facebook if it violates community standards.

    Use the 'Report Post' option on the review and follow the prompts to submit a report to Facebook.

    Yes, as a last resort, you can disable all reviews to prevent any further negative feedback.

    To check the status, go to your Support Inbox by clicking on your profile icon and selecting "Help & Support". There you can track the progress of your report.

    If your reported review isn't removed, you may request a review of Facebook's decision or, in some cases, appeal to the Oversight Board using a reference number provided in your Support Inbox.

    Guaranteed Removals can provide expert assistance in managing your online reputation on Facebook, including navigating the review removal process and understanding Facebook's policies.

    The timeline for Facebook to review and act on a reported review can vary. It depends on the complexity of the case and Facebook's review process. Some reports are resolved quickly in a matter of days, while others may take longer, taking several months to come to a final decision.

    Reporting a review on Facebook is free. However, if you opt for professional services like those offered by Guaranteed Removals, there may be a cost depending on the complexity of your case ranging anywhere from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars.

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Interested in what Guaranteed Removals has to offer? Get a free no-obligation quote!

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    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions

    Let's Chat!

    Our Reputation Specialists are standing by to answer all of your questions