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How to Remove Negative Yelp Reviews

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    Guaranteed Removals Comprehensive Guide To Removing Yelp Reviews

    Welcome to our detailed guide on how to remove Yelp reviews, part of our series on content removal and review removal strategies aimed at empowering individuals and businesses to shape their online reputation. Online reviews significantly impact a business’s image, with positive feedback enhancing your brand and negative reviews posing potential setbacks. It’s essential to know how to handle these comments on a platform as influential as Yelp to uphold your business’s online reputation.

    This guide offers precise instructions on evaluating and, if necessary, removing reviews from your Yelp Business Page. If you’re addressing reviews that breach Yelp’s content guidelines this guide provides the tools and tactics you need. We strive to assist you in sustaining a positive online persona, building consumer confidence, and ensuring your business is portrayed accurately on this key review site.

    Recommended Yelp Review Removal Steps

    Before delving into the review removal process, we advise following the steps below in sequence for the best chance of success:

    1. Reach out to the reviewer directly to resolve any issues.
    2. Analyze the review to identify any breaches of Yelp’s guidelines.
    3. Use the ‘Report Review’ feature on Yelp’s website or mobile app.
    4. Monitor the status of your report via your business account.
    5. Consider a direct response to the review to clarify or rectify the situation publicly.
    6. If necessary, follow up with Yelp’s support for unresolved issues.
    7. Legal action should be a last resort and only if justified.

    Keep these points in mind during the process

    • Yelp does not offer an immediate “delete” option for reviews.
    • Reviews can be removed only if the reviewer withdraws them or if Yelp determines they contravene the guidelines.
    • Reporting a review does not ensure its removal.
    • Negative feedback that complies with Yelp’s policies typically won’t be removed.
    • Patience is vital, as the review evaluation process may require time.

    If you find it challenging to handle a negative Yelp review that you believe violates guidelines, or if managing your online reputation is too time-consuming, our team of professionals is ready to offer assistance.

    Resolving the Complaint Directly

    Addressing negative feedback on Yelp can be challenging, but engaging with the reviewer personally can be an effective strategy. It not only aims to resolve their concerns but also highlights your dedication to customer satisfaction. Here’s a professional yet approachable way to go about this:

    • Contact the Reviewer Privately: If you can, send a personal message to the reviewer. Yelp allows you to send a direct message to the reviewer from your business account. The aim is to discuss their feedback in a more intimate, one-to-one environment.
    • Express Understanding and Apologize: Start the conversation by recognizing their experience and apologizing for any trouble they’ve encountered. It’s about showing that you care and are ready to listen.
    • Get to the Heart of the Matter: Encourage a dialogue to thoroughly understand the issue. This approach will enable you to offer a solution that’s directly relevant to their complaint.
    • Propose a Solution: Offer a remedy that’s considerate of their specific grievances. Whether it’s a refund, a redo, a future discount, or a commitment to service improvement, make sure it’s something that addresses their concern head-on.
    • Suggest Updating or Removing the Review: Once you’ve resolved the issue, ask them, in a courteous manner, if they would be willing to revise or retract their review. Let them know how much you value their opinion and its impact on your business.
    • Learn and Improve: Treat every piece of feedback as a stepping stone towards better service. Reflect on the situation to avert similar problems down the line.


    Engaging with unhappy customers in this manner not only can mend an individual customer’s perception but can also signal to others that you’re earnest about providing excellent service. This method can transform a negative encounter into a positive endorsement, potentially earning you a customer for life.

    Assess The Review Before Attempting Removal

    Businesses can use Yelp’s report options in conjunction with content guidelines to strategically address reviews that may not align with the platform’s standards. Here’s how businesses can leverage these to their advantage:

    • Assessing for False Information: If a review contains inaccuracies or untruthful claims about your business, cross-reference the content with Yelp’s insistence on accuracy and personal experience. If it fails to meet these criteria, report the review for containing false information.
    • Dealing with Affiliations: Should a review come from someone with a close personal connection to your business or from a competitor, this violates Yelp’s conflict of interest guidelines. Use the report option for business affiliations or competitor postings to flag such reviews.
    • Identifying Inappropriate Content: For reviews that contain threats, explicit language, or hate speech, reference Yelp’s guidelines on inappropriate content and privacy. These reviews can be reported under the options for threats, lewdness, or hate speech.
    • Ensuring Personal Experience: Yelp values firsthand consumer experiences. If a review is based on hearsay or does not describe a personal consumer experience, it may be flagged for not adhering to the review guidelines which demand personal narrative.
    • Upholding Privacy Standards: In instances where a review might include personal data or images without consent, this violates Yelp’s privacy policy. Such reviews should be reported to protect the privacy of individuals.
    • Spotting Promotional Material: Yelp prohibits promotional content in reviews. If a review seems to serve as an advertisement, it can be reported for containing promotional material, aligning with Yelp’s guidelines against self-promotion.
    • Correcting Business Misidentification: If a review is mistakenly posted to your business page but is clearly intended for another business, it can be reported as ‘for the wrong business,’ ensuring that your Yelp page only displays relevant customer feedback.
    • Addressing Reviews of Extraordinary Circumstances: Reviews that are more about extraordinary circumstances rather than the usual service may be flagged, as they do not reflect the typical consumer experience that Yelp’s relevance guideline upholds.

    By aligning report options with the content guidelines, businesses can take a methodical approach to maintain the integrity of their Yelp page, ensuring that the reviews reflect genuine, relevant, and respectful customer experiences.

    Best Practices:

    • Always read the review thoroughly before flagging.
    • Choose the most appropriate category that matches the violation.
    • Remember, flagging does not guarantee removal. Google will review flagged content to determine if it violates guidelines.
    • Maintain professionalism and objectivity when flagging reviews.

    Getting to grips with Yelp’s review guidelines is key to keeping your business’s online rep in good shape. Make sure the feedback on your page is honest, on-point, and polite. It’s all about playing by the rules to show your business in the best light.

    You can review all of Yelp’s content guidelines here.

    To report, flag, and escalate unwanted Yelp reviews for removal, you should follow these steps:

    Claim Your Business on Yelp

    1. Go to Yelp for Business: Navigate to to start the process.

    Yelp Claim Business

    2. Search Your Business: Enter your business name in the search bar. If your business is listed, click on it. If not, select “Add to Yelp for free.”

    3. Create Your Account: You’ll need to fill in your business information and provide an email address. It’s best to use an email that you check frequently to keep up with updates on your page.

    Yelp claim business email

    4. Verify Your Account: Yelp will send a verification code either to your email or call the number listed on your business page. Use this code to verify your account.

    5. Claim Your Page: Once verified, you can claim your page and begin to manage your Yelp presence.

    Claiming your business on Yelp offers you more opportunities to contest and report negative reviews. At the same time, it is important to fill out your profile completely after claiming it so that when you do have a great rating on Yelp you can use it to your advantage as a business owner. This means updating your business hours, adding photos, and responding to reviews, which can increase customer engagement and potentially attract more business. If you encounter issues claiming your page because it may already be claimed or pending approval, Yelp provides support to assist you.

    Remember, maintaining an accurate and up-to-date Yelp profile can help customers find your business and make informed decisions based on the information and reviews they read on Yelp. 

    Report the Review as a Yelp User

    1. Find the review on the business page or in the user’s profile.

    Yelp Review Identification

    2. Click on “More Options” (three dots) or the flag icon and select “Report review.”

    Yelp Review Report

    3. Select the content guideline violation that best fits the review (see section above about assessing the review)

    Yelp Review Report violation

    4. Write a brief description explaining why you think the content violates Yelp’s guidelines.

    Yelp Review Report violation description

    5. Click send.

    6. The review will be evaluated against Yelp’s Content Guidelines and you will receive an email notification. This email will include a tracking number you can use to check on your report if you don’t get an update. Feel free to follow up with Yelp using this number.

    Yelp email confirmation

    7. Yelp will email you when they have made a decision on the review either letting you know that it has been removed or if they have found that it does not violate their policies.

    Yelp review upheld email Yelp review removed email

    Report the Review as a Business Owner

    1. Locate the review in the “Reviews” section of your business account.

    Yelp business page

    2. Click on the “More Options” button (three dots) and select “Report Review.”

    Yelp Review Report

    4. Pick the guideline violation that matches the review best (check the section above on how to assess a review).

    Yelp Review Report violation

    5. Compose a concise explanation detailing your reasons for believing the content breaches Yelp’s policies.

    6. Yelp moderators will evaluate the review against their Content Guidelines, which may take several days.

    7. You can check the status of your report by hovering over the flag icon next to the review.

    Escalating Review Removal Requests

    If Yelp decides to not remove a review that you reported there is an option to ask for a second opinion.

    1. Access the Yelp Questionable Content Page: Start by navigating to the Yelp Questionable Content page. This is where you can submit an appeal.

    Yelp Questionable Content page

    2. Enter Your Case Number: Once on the page, you’ll need to enter the case number associated with the review or content you originally reported. This number would have been provided to you in Yelp’s response email.

    3. Present Your Argument: In the provided space, clearly explain why you believe Yelp’s initial decision should be reconsidered. Be specific and concise in your reasoning.

    4, Submit the Appeal: After you’ve made your case, submit your appeal for Yelp’s review by pressing “Send.”

    5. Await Yelp’s Re-evaluation: Yelp will re-examine the content and your appeal. This process may take some time as they carefully consider your argument against their original decision.

    6. Check for Final Decision: Keep an eye on your email for Yelp’s final decision regarding your appeal. They will contact you once they have reached a conclusion.

    Remember, the key to a successful appeal is a strong, well-articulated argument that clearly points out why the review or content in question violates Yelp’s guidelines or was misunderstood in the initial assessment. Appeals are not always successful, but providing clear evidence and a logical explanation increases your chances of a decision in your favor.

    How to Handle Upheld Negative Reviews On Yelp

    When Yelp decides to keep a negative review that you feel should be taken down, there are a few paths you can take:

    Considering Legal Action (When Necessary)

    • Appropriate Cases: Legal steps might be an option if the review includes slanderous statements or illegal content.
    • Process: Talk to a legal expert to get a clear picture of your legal standing and the potential for a lawsuit against the reviewer or Yelp itself.

    Risks of Legal Action

    • Unwanted Attention: Trying to hide information can sometimes end up drawing more attention to it.
    • Customer Viewpoint: People might see suing a reviewer as a negative move, which could hurt your business’s reputation even more.
    • Cost and Time: Legal battles can be costly and drag on for a long time.
    • Uncertain Outcomes: There’s no guarantee of winning, and the process might just bring more attention to the negative review.

    Hiring a Reputation Management Expert

    • What They Do: Teams like ours at Guaranteed Removals specialize in online reputation management and removing content. They’re familiar with different platforms’ rules and can offer smart advice.
    • Pros: Their expertise and experience often make them more successful in handling review removals.
    • What to Watch Out For: Make sure the expert is trustworthy and sticks to Yelp’s guidelines to avoid any shady tactics.

    Encouraging More Positive Reviews

    • Boosting Happy Customer Reviews: Ask your satisfied customers to share their good experiences. This can lessen the impact of the negative review.
    • Customer Engagement: Building strong customer relationships can increase the chances of positive reviews.
    • Highlighting Good Experiences: Use your marketing to spotlight great customer stories.

    Dealing with negative reviews can be tough, but the key is to approach them with a level head and professionalism. Often, it’s better to focus on improving your service and getting more positive feedback, rather than fixating on one bad review.

    Frequently Asked Questions About How to Remove Yelp Reviews

    Yelp does not offer a direct way for business owners to delete reviews. Reviews can only be removed if the reviewer decides to delete them or if Yelp finds them to violate its content guidelines upon being flagged. Working with specialists like Guaranteed Removals can improve your chances to ensure harmful reviews are removed as soon as possible.

    To claim your business on Yelp, go to, search for your business, and click on it. Create an account using a frequently checked email, verify your account via a code sent to your email or business phone, and then claim your page.

    Log into your Yelp Business account, go to the "Reviews" section, find the review in question, click on the three dots for "More Options," and select "Report Review." You'll need to choose the specific guideline that the review violates.

    To check the status of a reported review on Yelp, log into your Yelp Business account. You can view the status of your report by hovering over the flag icon next to the flagged review.

    Yes, if Yelp decides not to remove a reported review, you can escalate the issue by visiting Yelp’s Questionable Content page. Here, you can submit an appeal by entering your case number and explaining why you disagree with the initial decision.

    Guaranteed Removals can provide expertise in online reputation management, specifically tailored to Yelp's policies and guidelines, helping businesses navigate the review management and removal process more effectively.

    The time it takes Yelp to review a flagged review can vary. Some reviews may be assessed quickly within a few days, while others, particularly those that are more complex, could take up to 90 days to exhaust all possible avenues for removal.

    Getting rid of a negative Yelp review can vary in cost. If you sort it out yourself by reporting the review, there's no charge obviously. But if you need professional help, like from a content removal service, the price can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Taking legal action is another level – it can get pretty pricey with attorney fees and court costs. How much you spend really depends on how you choose to handle it and who you get to help.